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Advances in Intermittent Spray Impact Research

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  Heat transfer correlations

Our research has provided heat transfer correlations for:

- the total average heat flux as function of the system’ operating conditions

- the spray/wall heat transfer between the droplets’ characteristics and surface thermal behaviour for single-pulses (Panão and Moreira, 2007). The figure includes a comparison with results obtained in cryogen spray cooling.

  • Moreira, A.L.N. and Panão, M.R.O. (2006) “Heat transfer at multiple-intermittent impacts of a hollow cone spray”, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, v.49, pp.4132-4151.
  • Panão, M.R.O. and Moreira, A.L.N. (2007) “Interpreting the influence of fuel spray impact on mixture preparation for HCCI combustion with port-fuel injection”, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, v.31, pp. 2205-2213.