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  Diagnostic techniques

Phase Doppler Interferometry.
The Phase Doppler diagnostic system is a 2-D DANTEC and consists in a 400mW Air-cooled Spectra Physics laser, a 55X transmitting optics, a 57x10 PDA receiving optics. The signal is processed by a 58N10 Covariance Processor (for 2-D measurements) or a BSA P80 Processor (for 1-D measurements).

Mie scattering and shadowgraphy visualization.
Flow visualization is made with two complementary techniques using a Kodak SR-Series for image capture:

1) Mie scattering of liquid droplets crossing a laser light sheet using a 9W Spectra-Physics continuous laser;
2) shadowgraphy allow discerning the liquid from vapour in the collimated projected image;
and the results given by overlapping images from these two flow visualization techniques are exemplified below