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The Mobidays project aims to investigate strengths and weaknesses of the main research and demonstration projects on sustainable mobility in Europe and worldwide. It also provides opportunities for their further dissemination.

In order to explore, discuss and disseminate achieved results and needed improvements in the sustainable surface transport field, the project clearly identifies three main areas: socio-economic aspects, infrastructures and vehicles. Three conferences will also be organised in the framework of the project. A conference will be dedicated to the first topic, while the remaining two topics will be the object of a second conference. These two conferences are mainly aimed at discussing EC-funded projects. The final conference will focus on major European and extra-European demonstration projects on sustainable mobility, and therefore key actors from the latter projects will also be involved; in this conference, the main outcomes of the previous two conferences will also be presented.

The project team consists of Universities from four European capital cities: Prague, London, Lisbon, and Rome.

The planned events are expected to promote discussion on sustainable transport, involving experts as well as institutional actors, the press and general public.

On the one hand, these conferences give an opportunity for experts to share knowledge arising from the projects they were involved in. On the other hand, they provide an opportunity to strengthen the link between the experts and society as a whole, who will ultimately play a crucial role in the transition towards a more sustainable transport system.

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