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Under lean operating conditions there are self-sustained flame instabilities limiting the range of operations. They are induced either by the weakness of the lean flame stabilization process, or by a pressure modulated incoming flow that may induce a periodic variation in the equivalence ratio, or shear layer instabilities through vortex shedding phenomena, enhanced by the high sensitivity of the reactant reaction rate to variations in temperature and mixture composition. Under these conditions an additional flow pulsation arises due to the presence of a precessing vortex core (PVC), which is not fully discussed in the literature in the context of LPP technology, and may also modulate periodicity in heat release leading to flame instabilities. Their impact on overall combustion performance is dependent on several factors, such as the fuel supply and mixture ratio and may help to reduce NOx emissions and fuel consumption through enhanced large-scale turbulence, as discussed and shown for the precessing jet burners. The PVC structure was addressed in the work taken here.

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