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  Clean vehicles for sustainable mobility

Planning of future urban transportation/mobility concepts includes many issues, such as public transit; alternative energy vehicles; impacts on land, water and ecosystems; air and noise pollution, including conventional and greenhouse gas emissions; transportation-related solid waste. These issues may be addressed keeping in mind the simultaneous need to increase access and equity of access to means of mobility and appropriation of the infrastructure to mobility, including increased security.

A research program is under development, which addresses future urban transportation systems with the ultimate goal of promoting development towards sustainable urban mobility. It includes topics on future car technology, the impact of driving behavior on energy consumption, on actor-based modeling of technological change processes, on market penetration strategies for newly fuelled cars. The highly interconnection between all those factors will be accounted in the methodology of approach. Innovative telematics systems in the car will assist mobility management, including safety.

In this context, an European founded project is in course aimed at developing an innovative modular transport mean suitable for the urban transport of persons and goods, named HOST.

  HOST The Human Oriented Sustainable Transport