All submitted conference papers are blind peer reviewed by at least two competent reviewers and accepted contributions are included in a hardcover book with “one-page-abstracts” and a CD with full manuscripts. Both have ISBN numbers and are distributed to the conference participants at the registration desk. Also all of the conference proceedings since the year 2000 are openly accessed at the website of each Symposium from where they can be downloaded:

10th: 10-13 July, 2000

11th: 8-11 July, 2002

12th: 12-15 July, 2004

13th: 26-29 June, 2006

14th: 07-10 July, 2008

15th: 05-08 July, 2010

16th: 09-12 July, 2012

17th: 07-10 July, 2014