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Conference Proceedings:

All submitted conference papers are blind peer reviewed by at least two competent reviewers. Accepted contributions are included in the form of 1-page-abstract in a e-book (ISBN 978-989-98777-7-1) and a full-manuscript in the e-proceedings (ISBN 978-989-98777-8-8). Also all of the conference proceedings since the year 2000 are openly accessed at Lisbon Symposium.

Archival publications:

A series of books on the "Developments of Laser techniques and Applications to Fluid Mechanics" have been published since the Lisbon Symposium was launched in 1982 and up to 1998, which include revised versions of selected papers. These papers describe Instrumentation Developments and results of measurements of Turbulent Shear Flows, Aerodynamics Flows, Mixers and Rotating Flows, Combustion and Engines, and Two-Phase Flows and demonstrate the continuing and healthy interest in the development of understanding of new methodologies and implementation in terms of new instrumentation.

The first three volumes of the series were published through LADOAN, an editorial initiative at IST launched by Professor Diamantino Durão, but since the 4th Symposium, in 1990, the bound volumes have been published through Springer-Verlag,

After 2000 and the advent of the World Wide Web, all papers accepted for presentation have been included in the website of each Symposium and, at the same time, incorporated in a CD – more recently a memory stick - which is offered in the conference bag, together with a book of abstracts. All these papers are available for download here.