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The draft of the scientific program is now ready and consists of oral sessions of contributed papers running in parallel in four different theatres and three keynote lectures. In addition, an exhibition brings together some of the world leading manufacturers of laser equipment for fluid flow research. A plenary session is also planned, featured by the exhibitors, to provide ample opportunity for attendees to be acquainted with the latest laser based techniques developed for fluid flow research.

All accepted contributions will be published in the digital proceedings (ISBN 978-989-98777-9-5) which will be made available to all participants at the event.

Two dinners are organized for scientist to join together in a friendly and typical environment. Details about the plenary sessions and the social events are provided at the Symposium website, which we recommend you to visit regularly to be informed about the latest news.

Monday, July 4
8:00 Registration
9:00-9:10: Welcome Remarks
Auditorium 2
Cameron Tropea Technische Universität Darmstadt , Germany
  • Advancements and applications of 3D PIV by tomography
    Fulvio Scarano
10:05 - 11:00
SESSION 1.1: Velocity/Temperature Measurements I
Auditorium 2
Kenneth Kiger, University of Maryland, USA
Noel Clemens, University of Texas at Austin, USA
  • Development of theThermographic Laser Doppler Velocimetry Technique
    A. O. Ojo, B. Fond, C. Abram, B. G. M. van Wachem, A. L. Heyes, F. Beyrau [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Simultaneous planar gas-phase temperature and velocity measurements within a film-cooling configuration using thermographic phosphors
    M. Stephan, H. Lee, A. Dreizler, B. Böhm [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Combined three-color LIF-PDA measurements and infrared thermography applied to the study of the spray impingement on a heated surface above the Leidenfrost regime
    A. Labergue, J.D. Pena-Carillo, M. Gradeck, F. Lemoine [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 1.2: Two-Phase Flows I
Auditorium 3
Shigeo Hosokawa, Kobe University, Japan
Yuichi Murai, Hokkaido University, Japan
SESSION 1.3: Aerodynamics and Flow Control I
Room 2
Brian Thurow, Auburn University, USA
Arne Henning, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany
SESSION 1.4: Micro-Scale PIV and Microfluidics I
Room 3
Gianluca Blois, University of Notre Dame, USA
Julio Soria, Monash University, Australia
  • Development of non-intrusive and micron-resolution CARS sensing for gas mixture flow considering reduction of non-resonant background noise
    K. Kojima, Y. Yamagata, K. Yamamoto, Y. Sato [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Micro-PIV Measurements of Multiphase Flow of Water and Liquid/Supercritical CO2 in 2D Heterogeneous Porous Micromodels
    Y. Li, F. Kazemifar, G. Blois, K.T. Christensen [download abstract] [download paper]

  • 3-D Flow Visualization of Acoustic Streaming Flow Induced by Solid and Bubble Obstructions
    Y.-J. Hong, C.-C. Chen, P.-C. Chen, W.-H. Tien [download abstract] [download paper]

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 - 13:00
SESSION 1.5: Velocity/Temperature Measurements II
Auditorium 2
Kenneth Kiger, University of Maryland, USA
Noel Clemens, University of Texas at Austin, USA
  • Development of laser-optical measurement techniques on the vortex tube: Taking PIV to its limits
    E. Burow, U. Doll, J. Klinner, G. Stockhausen, C. Willert [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Detector assessment for 1D single-shot spontaneous Raman scattering for temperature and multi-species measurements in flames
    H. Amrouche, A. Lo, P. Vervisch, A. Cessou [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Temperature imaging in liquids using thermographic phosphor particles
    C. Abram, M. Pougin, B. Fond, F. Beyrau [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Investigation of film cooling flows using Thermographic Particle Image Velocimetry at a 6 kHz repetition rate
    C. Abram, P. Schreivogel, B. Fond, M. Straußwald, M. Pfitzner, F. Beyrau [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 1.6: Two-Phase Flows II
Auditorium 3
Shigeo Hosokawa, Kobe University, Japan
Yuichi Murai, Hokkaido University, Japan
  • An Optical Method for Comparison of Stochastic Fields of Cavitating Bubbles Applied to the Case of Devices Dedicated for Use in Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy
    H. Chaves [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Influences of bubble-surface contamination on the mass transfer and the bubble-induced surrounding liquid motions
    Y. Iburi, T. Saito [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Formation and evolution of disturbance waves in annular flow
    A. Cherdantsev, M. Cherdantsev, S. Isaenkov, D. Markovich, S. Alekseenko [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Cryogenic sloshing investigation by means of non-intrusive measurement techniques.
    A. Simonini, M.R. Vetrano, P. Colinet [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Volumetric distribution and velocity of inertial particles in a turbulent channel flow
    F. Coletti, M. Toloui, K. O. Fong, A. Nemes, L. Baker [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 1.7: Aerodynamics and Flow Control II
Room 2
Brian Thurow, Auburn University, USA
Arne Henning, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany
SESSION 1.8: Micro-Scale PIV and Microfluidics II
Room 3
Gianluca Blois, University of Notre Dame, USA
Julio Soria, Monash University, Australia
  • Evaluation of a new designed microchannel heat sink for CPU cooling based on IR – thermography synchronized with high-speed flow visualization
    V. Silverio, S. Cardoso, A.L.N. Moreira [download abstract] [download paper]

  • CARS and P-CARS Measurements of Ion Concentration in Electrolyte Solution: Influence of Non-resonant Background Noise on Non-intrusive Detection
    T. Minami, T. Noguchi, R. Kuriyama, Y. Sato [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Non-intrusive wettability characterization on complex surfaces using 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy
    D. Vieira, A.S. Moita, A.L.N. Moreira [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Three-dimensional measurement of micro- multiphase flow using digital holographic microscopy
    M. Oishi, T. Matsuo, H. Kinoshita, T. Fuji, M. Oshima [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Application of Long-Distance Micro-PIV and Endoscopic PIV for Investigation of Flow Structure in Wire-Wrapped Rod Bundle
    M. V. Shestakov, D. M. Markovich

13:00-14:30 Lunch
14:30 - 16:00
SESSION 1.9: Velocity/Temperature Measurements III
Auditorium 2
Alex Taylor, Imperial College of London, UK
Brian Peterson, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Quantification of fluid temperature field using Fluorescent Anisotropy
    Y. Shugyo, T. Aida, M. Motosuke [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Planar laser absorption spectroscopy for the resolution of simultaneous, spatially-distinct absorption paths
    J. France, M. Gamba [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Design and implementation of a mixture fraction diagnostic for aerosol-laden turbulent jets
    L. White, M. Gamba, H. Mitsudharmadi, F. Bisetti [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Measurement of the 3D particle velocity and temperature distribution induced by surface acoustic waves using V3V-Flex volumetric PIV and PLIF
    J. König, C. Kykal, F. Kiebert, A. Boomsma, H. Schmidt [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Simultaneous velocity and temperature measurements in turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection based on combined Tomo-PIV and PIT
    D. Schiepel, D. Schmeling, C. Wagner [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 1.10: Two-Phase Flows III
Auditorium 3
Filippo Coletti, University of Minnesota, USA
Ana Moita, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
  • Measurement of Coaxial Swirling Bubble Jet Flow by Interferometric Laser Imaging.
    T. Mitsuhashi, K. Kobayashi, T. Takanashi, K. Hishida, K. Zarogoulidis [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Laser induced fluorescence thermometry to characterize flow boiling in a silicon Microchannel Heat Sink for microsystems cooling
    V. Silverio, S. Cardoso, A.L.N. Moreira [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Effect of Bubbles on Turbulence Kinetic Energy Budget in Vertical Duct Flow
    S. Hosokawa, H. Karasawa, R. Iwai, A. Tomiyama [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Short-time FFT based laser Doppler velocimetry for bubbly two-phase turbulent boundary layers
    H.J. Park, K. Toda, Y. Oishi, Y. Tasaka, Y. Murai [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Measurement of both gas and liquid velocity profiles for bubble-induced turbulent flow
    H. Takiguchi, M. Furuya, T. Arai, T. Kanai [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 1.11: Novel Measurement Techniques I
Room 2
Jürgen Czarske, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
William Bachalo, Artium Technologies, USA
  • Measurements of wall-shear stress fields on the piston crown in an IC engine flow using fluorescent labelled micro-pillar imaging
    C. Brücker, R. Wagner, M. Köhler [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Intermittency and Multi-Fractal Velocimetry (IMFV) in Rayleigh-Taylor and convective flows
    J. Tellez, N. Malik, T. Vila, J.M. Redondo [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Combined Planar PIV and LDV Profile-Sensor Measurements in a Rotor-Stator Disk Configuration
    J. Kriegseis, P. Mattern, M. Dues [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Flow visualization over drag reducing dimpled surfaces in turbulent boundary layers using Particle Image Velocimetry
    O.W.G. van Campenhout, M. van Nesselrooij, L.L.M. Veldhuis, B.W. van Oudheusden, F.F.J. Schrijer [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Comparison of Simultaneous PIV and Hydroxyl Tagging Velocimetry in Low Velocity Flows
    M. A. André, P. M. Bardet, R. A. Burns, P. M. Danehy [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 1.12: Biomedical Flows I
Room 3
Mark Jermy, University of Canterbury, New Zeland
Thomas Rösgen, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ), Switzerland
  • Time-resolved PIV of the pulsatile flow from an ex vivo heart perfusion model
    K. Cameron, D.H. Freed, D.S. Nobes [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Combined TR-PIV and micro-pillar Wall Shear-Stress imaging in the aortic root
    F. Hegner, C. Bruecker [download abstract] [download paper]

  • 3D flow topology behind an aortic valve prosthesis
    D. Hasler, D. Obrist [download abstract] [download paper]

  • High-speed and Phase-averaged PIV in a synthetic human larynx model - a comparative analysis
    A. Lodermeyer, S. Kniesburges, M. Tautz, M. Döllinger, V. Birk, S. Becker [download abstract] [download paper]

  • High Speed Flow Measurements in the Beating Hearts of Living Insects
    M.N. Giarra, P. P. Vlachos, J. J. Socha

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break
16:30 - 18:00
SESSION 1.13: PIV System Development
Auditorium 2
Bernhard Wieneke, LaVision GmbH, Germany
Bertrand Lecordier, Université de Rouen, CORIA, France
SESSION 1.14: Sprays
Auditorium 3
Hui-He Qiu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
Miguel Panão, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
SESSION 1.15: Novel Measurement Techniques II
Room 2
Fabrice Onofri, Aix-Marseille Université, France
Rainer Hain, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany
  • Phase-Averaged MRV Measurements of the von Kármán Vortex of a Confined Cylinder
    D. Freudenhammer, G. Rehs, W.B. Buchenberg, J. Hennig, C. Tropea, S. Grundmann [download abstract] [download paper]

  • A three-dimensional velocimetry approach using a combination of tomographic reconstruction and triangulation for double-frame particle tracking
    T. Fuchs, R. Hain, C.J. Kähler [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Noncontact measurements of optical inhomogeneity stratified media parameters by location of laser radiation caustics
    A.V. Vedyashkina, B.S. Rinkevichyus, I.L. Raskovskaya [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Surface Flow Image Velocimetry (SFIV) for Hydraulics Applications
    J. Tellez, M. Gomez, B. Russo, J.M. Redondo [download abstract] [download paper]

  • PIV Measurement of Shock Wave Diffraction
    H. Kleine, S. Kallweit, F. Michaux, H. Olivier, M. Havermann [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 1.16: Biomedical Flows II
Room 3
Pavlos P. Vlachos, Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA
Giampaolo Romano, Università di Roma La Sapienza, Italy
Closure 18:00
20:00 - 23:00 Welcome Dinner
Tuesday, July 5
9:10 - 10:00
Auditorium 2
Ellen Longmire, University of Minnesota, USA
  • Structured Laser Illumination Planar Imaging: New horizons for the study of spray dynamics, thermometry and droplet sizing
    Edouard Berrocal [download paper]
10:05 - 11:00
SESSION 2.1: Background Oriented Schlieren I
Auditorium 2
Edouard Berrocal, Lund University, Sweden
Christoph Brücker, University of Freiberg, German
  • Tomographic reconstruction of temperature fields acquired with the laser speckle BOS technique
    P. Bühlmann, J. Schenker, T. Rösgen [download abstract] [download paper]

  • A Performance Comparison between Classical Schlieren and Background-Oriented Schlieren
    P. Manovski, J. Wehrmeyer, K. Scott, B. Loxton, H. Quick, S. Lam, M. Giacobello [download abstract] [download paper]

  • 3D reconstruction of compressible flow by synchronized multi camera BOS
    F. Nicolas, F. Micheli, D. Donjat, A. Plyer, F. Champagnat, G. Le Besnerais [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 2.2: Laser Doppler Techniques
Auditorium 3
Todd Lowe, Virgina Tech, USA
Alexandre Labergue, Université de Lorraine – CNRS - UMR, France
SESSION 2.3: Aeroacoustics
Room 2
Timothy Jukes, Dyson Technology Ltd, UK
Michael Klaas, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
  • Investigation of aeroacoustics and flow dynamics of a NACA 0015 airfoil with a Gurney flap using TR-PIV
    J. Shah, A. Sciacchitano, S. Pröbsting [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Fluid mechanical and acoustic characterization of low-pressure axial fans with different blade skew
    F. Zenger, S. Becker [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Investigation of sound-flow interaction at a bias flow liner using 3D/3C velocity measurements and Helmholtz-Hodge decomposition
    J. Gürtler, D. Haufe, A. Schulz, F. Bake, L. Enghardt, A. Fischer, J. Czarske [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 2.4: Vortex Flows
Room 3
Sina Ghaemi, University of Alberta, Canada
Maarten Vanierschot, University of Leuven, Belgium
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 - 13:00
SESSION 2.5: Background Oriented Schlieren II
Auditorium 2
Edouard Berrocal, Lund University, Sweden
Christoph Brücker, University of Freiberg, German
  • Large-field Measurement of Fan Heater Jets using Particle Image Velocimetry and Background-Oriented Schlieren
    T. Jukes, M. Adkin, J. Lirvat [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Bichromatic Synthetic Schlieren for surface measurement
    J. Kolaas, L. Smith, A. Jensen, J.K. Sveen [download abstract] [download paper]

  • An application of speckle-based background oriented schlieren for optical microcalorimetry
    Q. Michalski, J. Sotton, A. Claverie, M. Bellenoue [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Comparison of infrared and Background Oriented Schlieren techniques for air flow temperature measurements
    N.A. Vinnichenko, Yu.Yu. Plaksina, O.S. Yakimchuk, K.S. Soldatenkova, A.V. Uvarov [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Measurement of a laser-induced underwater shock wave by the optical-flow-based background-oriented schlieren technique
    K. Hayasaka, Y. Tagawa, T. Liu, M. Kameda [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 2.6: Imaging
Auditorium 3
Todd Lowe, Virgina Tech, USA
Alexandre Labergue, Université de Lorraine, France
  • Experimental investigations of the near-field of twinjet gasoline sprays using detailed high-speed shadowgraphy and particle image velocimetry
    R. Gramlich, P. Leick, J. Kaleta, T. Bossmeyer, G. Lamanna, I. Roisman, C. Tropea [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Application of Plenoptic Imaging in Multiphase Flows
    K. Bergeles, Y. Hardalupas, T. Kawaguchi, A.M.K.P Taylor [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Laser-point technique and associated image processing for free surface measurement in breaking wave case
    R. Boucheron, P. Vonier, D. Fréchou [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Influence of wetting behavior on macroscopic film flow pattern
    T. Hagemeier, K. Zähringer, Z. Jiang, D. Thévenin [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 2.7: IR Techniques
Room 2
Christian Kähler, Bundeswehr University Munich, Germany
Michael Klaas, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
  • Thermographic Particle Velocimetry (TPV): An Experimental Technique for Simultaneous Interfacial Temperature and Velocity Measurements Using an Infrared Thermograph
    A. Charogiannis, I. Zadrazil, C.N. Markides [download abstract] [download paper]

  • IR-Thermography for Dynamic Detection of Laminar-Turbulent Transition
    B. Simon, A. Heil, C. Tropea, S. Grundmann [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Investigation of laminar separation bubble behavior under unsteady flows using PIV and Thermal Imaging Methods
    F. Ghorbanishohrat, F. Samara, D. A. Johnson [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Differential Infrared Thermography (DIT) for Dynamic Stall Detection
    M. Raffel, A.D. Gardner, T. Schwermer, C.B. Merz, A. Weiss, J. Braukmann, C.C. Wolf, B. Ewers [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 2.8: Force/Pressure from PIV Data I
Room 3
Bas van Oudheusden, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Qi Gao, Beihang University, China
  • Comparative assessment of PIV-based pressure evaluation techniques applied to a transonic base flow
    P. Blinde, D. Michaelis, B. van Oudheusden, P.-E. Weiss, R. de Kat, A. Laskari, Y. J. Jeon, L. David, D. Schanz, F. Huhn, S. Gesemann, M. Novara, C. McPhaden, N. Neeteson, D. Rival, J.F.G. Schneiders, F. Schrijer [download abstract] [download paper]

  • 3D pressure field around an inclined airfoil by tomographic TR-PIV and its comparison with direct pressure measurement
    Y.J. Jeon, T. Earl, P. Braud, L. Chatellier, L. David [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Pressure reconstruction from Lagrangian particle tracking with FFT integration
    F. Huhn, D. Schanz, S. Gesemann, A. Schröder [download abstract] [download paper]

  • A Finite Volume Method for Pressure Extraction on Unstructured Flow Data
    N. J. Neeteson, D. E. Rival [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Surface pressure determination: a comparison between PIV-based methods and PSP measurements
    A. Tagliabue, M. Bitter, S. Scharnowski, C. J. Kähler [download abstract] [download paper]

13:00-14:30 Lunch
14:30 - 16:00
Auditorium 2
Coffee Break
Room 1
16:10 - 18:00
SESSION 2.9: Volumetric PIV/PTV
Auditorium 2
David Rival, Queen's University, Canada
Gerrit Elsinga, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
SESSION 2.10: PIV Uncertainty Quantification and Performance
Auditorium 3
Daniel Troolin, TSI Incorporated, USA
Raf Theunissen, University of Bristol, UK
SESSION 2.11: Jets and Wakes I
Room 2
Fabrizio de Gregorio, Italian Aerospace Research Centre (CIRA), Italy
James Dawson, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
  • Visualization of the structure of vortex breakdown in free swirling jet flow
    M. Vanierschot, P. Percin, B.W. van Oudheusden [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Entrainment quantification in variable viscosity jets
    L. Voivenel, E. Varea, L. Danaila, B. Renou, G. Godard, A. Vandel, F. Corbin, C. Gobin, M. Cazalens [download abstract] [download paper]

  • The turbulent/non-turbulent interface in the near-field region of a round jet
    D. Mistry, J.R. Dawson [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Experimental investigations on the e ffect of Reynolds number on low Mach number jets
    G. Sinibaldi, L. Marino, G.P. Romano

  • Influence of afterbody rounding on the near wake of fastback vehicle
    G. Rossitto, C. Sicot, V. Ferrand, J. Borée, F. Harambat [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 2.12: Force/Pressure from PIV Data II
Room 3
Fulvio Scarano, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Laurent David, Université de Poitiers, France
Closure 18:00
Wednesday, July 6
9:10 - 10:00
Auditorium 2
Koichi Hishida, Keio University, Japan
  • Advanced Laser Diagnostics of Turbulence and Turbulent Combustion for Direct Conformation of DNS
    Mamoru Tanahashi
10:05 - 11:00
SESSION 3.1: Combustion I
Auditorium 2
Mário Costa, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
Mamoru Tanahashi, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Simultaneous OH-PLIF and schlieren imaging of flame propagation in an obstacle-laden channel with H2/O2 and H2/air mixtures
    L. Boeck, G. Ciccarelli [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Experimental investigation of a spray swirled flame in a gas turbine model combustor
    E. Salaün, P. Malbois, A.Vandel, G. Godard, F. Grisch, B. Renou, G. Cabot, A.M. Boukhalfa [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Local Equivalence Ratio Measurement in Opposed Jet Flames of Premixed and Non-Premixed Methane-Air Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
    Z. Shi, Y. Hardalupas, A.M.K.P. Taylor [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 3.2: Jets and Wakes II
Auditorium 3
Dmitriy Markovich, Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics, Siberian Branch of the RAS, Russia
Luis Azevedo, Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • The effects of inflow conditions on a precessing jet using Tomographic PIV
    G, Ceglia, G. Cafiero, T. Astarita [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Tomographic PIV measurements of azimuthal modes in jets issuing from circular and chevron nozzles
    S.S. Abdurakipov, V.M. Dulin, L.A. Kozinkin, M.P. Tokarev, D.M. Markovich [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Aerodynamics of a Powered Lift F35-B Aircraft in Ground Effect
    J.M.M. Barata, A.T.S. Cerdeira, D.F.G. Durão, F.M.S.P. Neves, A.R.R. Silva, D.F.C. Vieira [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 3.3: Boundary Layers I
Room 2
Lyazid Djenidi, The University of Newcastle, Australia
Bharathram Ganapathisubramani, University of Southampton, UK
  • On the Resolved Scales in a Turbulent Boundary Layer by Tomographic PIV and PTV aided by VIC+
    J.F.G. Schneiders, F. Scarano, G.E. Elsinga [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Investigations of coherent structures in near-wall turbulence and extreme wall-shear stress events using Shake-The-Box
    A. Schröder, D. Schanz, R. Geisler, S. Gesemann [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Evaluation of high magnification two and three dimensional particle image/tracking velocimetry in near wall turbulence
    S. Rafati, S. Ghaemi [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 3.4: Rotating Flows
Room 3
Adrian Spencer, Loughborough University, UK
Maarten Vanierschot, University of Leuven, Belgium
  • Numerical and experimental study of mixing in a small-scale model reactor
    V. Palero, E. M. Roche, N. Andrés, M.P. Arroyo, I. Sancho, A. Vernet, J. Pallarés [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Volumetric velocity measurements (V3V) on turbulent swirling flows
    T. Boushaki, A. Koched, Z. Mansouri, F. Lespinasse, N. Merlo, J. Stefanini [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Experimental Investigation of the Velocity Distribution near the Swirl Generator of a Uniflow Cyclone for Performance Data Prediction
    M. Pillei, R. Goller, T. Kofler, A. Wierschem, M. Kraxner [download abstract] [download paper]

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 - 13:00
SESSION 3.5: Combustion II
Auditorium 2
Mário Costa, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
Mamoru Tanahashi, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Propagation characteristics of turbulent methane-air premixed flames at elevated pressure in a constant volume vessel
    S. Yoshida, Y. Naka, Y. Minamoto, M. Shimura, M. Tanahashi [download abstract] [download paper]

  • PLIF Measurements of Nitric Oxide and Hydroxyl Radicals Distributions in Swirl Stratified Premixed Flames
    J. Apeloig, P. Gautier, E. Salaün, B. Barviau, G. Godard, S. Hochgreb, F. Grisch [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Application 2D Stokes Raman scattering to a swirling premixed flames
    D. Sharaborin, A. Lobasov, V. Dulin, D. Markovich [download abstract] [download paper]

  • High repetition rate stereoscopic PIV investigation of stratified swirl flame flashback at atmospheric and elevated pressures
    R. Ranjan, N.T. Clemens [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Experimental study of stratified lean premixed methane/air low-swirl turbulent flames – distribution and transport of formaldehyde
    J. Rosell, P. Petersson, J. Olofsson, M. Christensen, S.-I. Möller, M. Richter, M. Aldén [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 3.6: Jets and Wakes III
Auditorium 3
Dmitriy Markovich, Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics, Siberian Branch of the RAS, Russia
Luis Azevedo, Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
SESSION 3.7: Boundary Layers II
Room 2
Lyazid Djenidi, The University of Newcastle, Australia
Bharathram Ganapathisubramani, University of Southampton, UK
  • On Reynolds Number Dependence of Micro-ramp-Induced Transition
    Q. Ye, F.F.J. Schrijer, F. Scarano [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Spatially and temporally resolved 2C-2D PIV in the inner layer of a high Reynolds number adverse pressure gradient turbulent boundary layer
    J. Soria, C. Willert, O. Amili, J. Klinner, C. Atkinson, M. Stanislas, A. Schröder, R. Geisler, J. Agocs, A. Röse, C. J Kähler, S. Scharnowski, R. Hain, J. M. Foucaut, C. Cuvier, S. Srinath, J. P. Laval [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Time-Resolved 3D-PTV Analysis of Near Wall Reverse Flow Events in APG Turbulent Boundary Layers
    M. Bross, C.J. Kähler [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Time-Resolved PIV Measurements of a Self-Similar Adverse Pressure Gradient Turbulent Boundary Layer
    C. Atkinson, A.-J. Buchner, M. Eisfelder, V. Kitsios, J. Soria [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Coherent large scale structures in adverse pressure gradient turbulent boundary layers
    R. Hain, S. Scharnowski, N. Reuther, C.J. Kähler, A. Schröder, R. Geisler, J. Agocs, A. Röse, M. Novara, M. Stanislas, C. Cuvier, J.-M. Foucaut, S. Srinath, J.-P. Laval, C. Willert, J. Klinner, J. Soria, O. Amili, C. Atkinson [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 3.8: Scanning and Tomo PIV Measurements
Room 3
Jun Sakakibara, Meiji University, Japan
Jerry Westerweel, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
13:00-14:30 Lunch
14:30 - 16:00
SESSION 3.9: Combustion III
Auditorium 2
Pedro Coelho, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
Gaby Ciccarelli, Queen's University, Canada
  • Multi-diagnostics Analysis of Flow Induced Combustion Variability at SI Engine Like Conditions
    P. Schiffmann, V. Sick, F. Foucher [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Characterisation of electric discharge in laminar flow with optical diagnostics
    C. Lacour, A. Lo, J. Marrero, F. Lefebvre, P. Vervisch, A. Cessou, B. Lecordier [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Experimental study of local extinction mechanisms on a spray jet flame
    A. Verdier, J. Marrero Santiago, A. Vandel, G. Godard, G. Cabot, M.A. Boukhalfa, B. Renou [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Thermographic Particle Image Velocimetry in flames : current state of the technique
    B. Fond, Z. Yin, C. Abram, W. Meier, I. Boxx, F. Beyrau [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Simultaneous measurements of PIV, anisole-PLIF and OH-PLIF for investigating back-supported stratified flame propagating through lean and non-flammable mixtures
    E. Delangle, B. Lecordier, C. Lacour, A. Cessou [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 3.10: Jets and Wakes IV
Auditorium 3
Jorge Barata, Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal
James Meyers, JF Meyers Consulting, LLC, Newport News, USA
SESSION 3.11: Boundary Layers III
Room 2
Monica Moroni, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Matthew Bross, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany
SESSION 3.12: PIV Applications I
Room 3
Jacques Borée, Institut Pprime, Université de Poitiers, France
Rui Ferreira, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break
16:30 - 18:00
SESSION 3.13: Combustion IV
Auditorium 2
Yuji Ikeda, Imagineering.Inc, Japan
Edgar Fernandes, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
  • Experimental study of laser ignition probability, kernel propagation and air and fuel droplet properties in a confined swirled jet-spray burner
    J. Marrero Santiago, A. Verdier, G. Godard, A. Vandel, G. Cabot, M. Boukhalfa, B. Renou [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Investigation of spectroscopic measurements of OH in flames using broadband UV LEDs
    L. White, M. Gamba [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Determination of the consumption speed from spherically expanding flame: A new experimental methodology
    A. Lefebvre, H. Larabi, V. Moureau, G. Lartigue, V. Modica, E. Varea, B. Renou [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Effects of Air Staging on the Dynamics of an Ethylene-fueled Gas Turbine Model Combustor at Elevated Pressure
    I.G. Boxx, C.D. Carter, K.-P. Geigle, W.Meier

SESSION 3.14: PIV Processing Algorithms
Auditorium 3
Mathieu Legrand, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Holger Nobach, Max-Planck-Institut für Dynamik und Selbstorganisation, Germany
  • Spectral Improvement of Time Resolved PIV by FTEE in Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence
    T.A. Earl, Y. J. Jeon, C. Lacour, B. Lecordier, L. David [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Fast implication of divergence correction for volumetric PIV data
    C. Wang, Q. Gao, R. Wei, T. Li, J. Wang [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Improvement of PIV dynamic range in the presence of velocity gradients using multiple correlation peak analysis and self-adaptive windows
    A. Masullo, R. Theunissen [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Applications of Temporal Supersampling in Pulse-Burst PIV
    S.J. Beresh, J.L. Wagner, E.P. DeMauro, J.F. Henfling, R.W. Spillers, P.A. Farias [download abstract] [download paper]

  • UAV-based PIV for quantifying water-flow processes in large-scale natural environments
    G. Blois, J.L. Best, K.T. Christensen, V. Cichella, A. Donahue, N. Hovakimyan, A. Kennedy, I. Pakrasi [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 3.15: Boundary Layers IV
Room 2
Christian Poelma, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
André Silva, Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal
  • PIV and µ-PTV investigations of turbulent flow over a flexible wall undergoing traveling surface wave motions
    W. Li, D. Roggenkamp, W. Jessen, M. Klaas [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Volumetric measurements of vortex packet recovery downstream of a perturbation
    Y.M. Tan, D.R. Troolin, W. Lai, E.K. Longmire [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Particle image velocimetry measurements of the flow over barnacles in a turbulent boundary layer
    J.M. Barros, E.A.K. Murphy, M.P. Schultz [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Estimation of the dissipation in the roughness sublayer of the boundary layer over an urban-like rough wall using PIV
    K. Blackman, L. Perret, I. Calmet [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 3.16: PIV Applications II
Room 3
Ana Ricardo, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
Christian Resagk, Technischen Universität Ilmenau, Germany
Closure 18:00
18:30 - 18:45 – Departure in private buses from Gulbenkian to Casino Estoril
Participants will have the opportunity to watch the European championship semi-final match
20:00 - 23:00 Symposium Banquet
After dinner private transportation to Gulbenkian will be provided
Thursday, July 7
09:00 - 10:50
SESSION 4.1: Engines
Auditorium 2
Yoshio Zama, Gunma University, Japan
Nobuyuki Kawahara, Okayama University, Japan
  • LIF Laser Scanning with pent roof illumination to Investigate Mixture Distribution in IC Engines with limited Optical Access
    R. Welss, P. Lauschke, M. Wensing [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Plasma temperature of spark discharge in a spark-ignition engine using a time series of spectra measurements
    N. Kawahara, S. Hashimoto, E. Tomita [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Evaluation of spray-induced turbulence during the induction stroke of a four-stroke single-cylinder optical engine
    B. Peterson, E. Baum, C-P. Ding, D. Michaelis, A. Dreizler, B. Böhm [download abstract] [download paper]

  • In-cylinder Flow Measurement in SI Engine under Firing Conditions by High Speed PIV
    Y. Ikeda, T. Furui, M.K. Le, A. Nishiyama [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Study of Pulsating Flow in three way exhaust manifolds junctions through PIV
    C. Nikita, Y. Hardalupas, A.M.K.P. Taylor [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Time-Resolved In-cylinder Particle Image Velocimetry Measurement in a Light Duty Optical Engine under PPC Conditions
    H. Wang, S. Tanov, M.I. Najafabadi, Z. Wang, B. Johansson [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 4.2: PLIF/PIV Applications I
Auditorium 3
Daniel T. H. New, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Sven Scharnowski, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany
  • Application of high-speed PIV and Toluene PLIF techniques to study aerodynamics and thermal stratification inside a flat piston Rapid Compression Machine
    M. Ben Houidi, J. Sotton, A. Claverie, C. Strozzi, M. Bellenoue [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Analysis of scalar mixing and turbulent flow in a continuous stirred tank by simultaneous PIV and PLIF
    M. Marino, A. Busciglio, G. Montante, A. Paglianti [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Characterization of High Pressure Natural Gas Injections for Stratified Operation of a Spark Ignited Engine by Simultaneous Fuel Concentration and Air Entrainment Measurements
    W. Friedrich, R. Grzeszik, M. Helmich, T. Bossmeyer, M. Wensing [download abstract] [download paper]

  • TALIF measurements of atomic oxygen density in L2K plasma wind tunnel
    G. Ceglia, A. Del Vecchio, U. Koch, A. Guelhan [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Instantaneous temperature imaging by planar laser-induced fluorescence: effect of high laser irradiance
    W. Chaze, O. Caballina, G. Castanet, F. Lemoine [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Simultaneous 2-Tracer-LIF and PIV for the study of mass transfer around single CO2-bubbles
    P. Kováts, K. Zähringer [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 4.3: Particle/Spray Measurement Techniques I
Room 2
Yannis Hardalupas, Imperial College of London, UK
José Nogueira, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
  • Planar fuel velocity measurements in the near-nozzle region of a high pressure Diesel injection nozzle
    R. Schlüßler, J. Gürtler, J. Czarske, A. Fischer [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Evaporation of droplets of pure and complex fluids trapped in an acoustic filed with PIV and rainbow diffractometry techniques
    Q. Gaubert, F.R.A. Onofri, S. Barbosa, F. Salvatori, E. Lecolier, M. Woźniak, K.F. Ren [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Evaporating Droplets tracking by holographic high speed video in turbulent flow
    L. Mees, T. Tronchin, N. Grosjean, J.L. Marie, C. Fournier [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Size measurements of Ash and Sand particles using Speckle Pattern
    S. González Ruiz, J.P.A.J. van Beeck [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Concentration Measurement of Dispersion Droplets using the Time-Shift Technique
    S. Rosenkranz, W. Schäfer, C. Tropea [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Experimental characterization of single droplets size and composition in liquid-liquid extraction systems with rainbow diffractometry
    M. Ouattara, F. Lamadie, M. Sentis, F. Onofri [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 4.4: PTV Techniques I
Room 3
Virginia Palero, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
Jean-Marc Foucaut, Ecole Centrale de Lille, France
  • Application of fluorescent particles for particle tracking velocimetry in wind tunnels
    T. Guimaraes, K.T. Lowe [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Full-scale wake characterization using giant soap bubbles: Exploring the limits of Large-Scale Particle Tracking Velocimetry
    D. E. Rival, G. A. Rosi, C. Fisher, B. la Bastide [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Volumetric Multi-Pulse Particle Tracking Measurement for Separated Laminar Transitional Flow Investigations
    R. Geisler, M. Novara, A. Schröder [download abstract] [download paper]

  • X-ray PTV Measurements of Solitary Waves
    L. Smith, B. Hu, J. Kolsaas, K. Sveen, A. Jensen [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Three-dimensional particle tracking velocimetry in a Tesla turbine rotor using a non-intrusive calibration method
    C. Schosser, T. Fuchs, R. Hain, S. Lecheler, C.J. Kähler [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Experimental investigation of the performances of a wet separation process for traditional and bio- plastics
    F. La Marca, E. Lupo, M. Moroni, A. Pomponi [download abstract] [download paper]

10:50-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 - 13:00
SESSION 4.5: PTV Techniques II
Room 3
Andreas Schröder, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany
Steven Beresh, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
  • Lagrangian 3D particle tracking for multi-pulse systems: performance assessment and application of Shake-The-Box
    M. Novara, D. Schanz, S.Gesemann, K. Lynch, A. Schröder [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Instantaneous Flow Reconstruction from Particle Trajectories with Vortex-in-Cell
    J.F.G. Schneiders, P. Singh, F. Scarano [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Gradient Estimation on Lagrangian Data Using Equations of Motion as Physical Constraints
    J.G. Wong, G.A. Rosi, D.E. Rival [download abstract] [download paper]

  • From Noisy Particle Tracks to Velocity, Acceleration and Pressure Fields using B-splines and Penalties
    S. Gesemann, F. Huhn, D. Schanz, A. Schröder [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 4.6: PLIF/PIV Applications II
Auditorium 3
Fabrice Lemoine, LEMTA - Université de Lorraine, France
Mirko Gamba, University of Michigan, USA
  • Laser Induced Fluorescence and Particle Image Velocimetry for the investigation of large-scale structures in turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection with high aspect ratio
    C. Kästner, M. Körner, A. Kolchynska, C. Resagk [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Experimental investigation of the effects of nanosecond repetitive pulsed discharges (NRP) on ignition of methane-air mixtures
    A. Seydou, A. Claverie, J. Sotton, M. Bellenoue [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Determination of two-dimensional soot particle size by gated laser-induced incandescence and flame temperature measurement
    J. Wu, L. Chen, M. Yan, X. Wu, G. Gréhan, K. Cen [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Macroscopic Mixing Investigation in a Compressible Accelerated Nozzle Flow using Toluene Tracer LIF
    J. Richter, M. Beuting, C. Schulz, T. Dreier, B. Weigand [download abstract] [download paper]

  • Development of LIF techniques applied to gas-liquid annular flows
    I. Zadrazil, J.S. An, A. Cherdantsev, C.N. Markides [download abstract] [download paper]

SESSION 4.7: Particle/Spray Measurement Techniques II
Room 2
Guillaume Castanet , LEMTA - Université de Lorraine, France
Walter Schäfer, AOM-Systems GmbH, Germany
Closure 13:00