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The program consists of oral sessions of contributed papers running in parallel in four different theatres and of three keynote lectures. In addition, an exhibition brings together some of the world leading manufacturers of laser equipment for fluid flow research. A plenary session is also planned, featured by the exhibitors, to provide ample opportunity for attendees to be acquainted with the latest laser based techniques developed for fluid flow research.

Two dinners are organized for scientists to join together in a friendly and typical environment.

Monday, July 07


On the problem of measuring turbulence statistics in shear-flows
Christian Kaehler

    SESSION 1.1: Defocused PTV

    • Stereoscopic Astigmatism Particle Tracking Velocimetry for macroscopic 3D3C flow measurements in air
      T. Fuchs, M. Heinold, R. Hain, C.J. Kähler [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Development and application of a time resolved dual camera 3D PTV technique around obstacles using defocus concept downstream a spacer grid
      R. Baudoin, L. Zimmer, T. Muller [download abstract] [download paper]
    • On the uncertainty of Astigmatic Particle Tracking Velocimetry in the depth direction
      M. Rossi, C.J. Kähler [download abstract] [download paper]

    SESSION 1.2: Novel Velocimetry Techniques

    • Flow velocimetry for weakly conducting electrolytes based on high resolution Lorentz force measurement.
      C. Resagk, R. Ebert, S. Vasilyan, A. Wiederhold [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Frequency-division multiplexing (FDM) for interferometric referencing and multi- component measurements in Planar Doppler Velocimetry (PDV)
      T. O.H. Charrett, I. A. Bledowski, S. W. James, R. P. Tatam [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Flow velocity measurements through a fluctuating free surface by means of adaptive optics
      C. Leithold, L. Büttner, J. Czarske [download abstract] [download paper]

    SESSION 1.3: Aerodynamics I

    SESSION 1.4: Drop/Spray Measurement Techniques I

    • Characterization of droplet evaporation at high temperature using combined optical techniques
      L. Perrin, G. Castanet, F. Lemoine [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Measuring the local and global evaporation rate of fast evaporating droplets with interferometry
      S. Dehaeck, A. Ye. Rednikov, P. Colinet [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Application of combined ILIDS and PLIF technique to study droplet and vapour phase interaction in an evaporative and non-reacting spray
      S. Sahu, Y. Hardalupas, A.M.K.P. Taylor [download abstract] [download paper]

    SESSION 1.5: PTV Lagrangian Tracking

    • Tomo-PTV with sparse Tomographic Reconstruction and optical flow
      P. Cornic, F. Champagnat, A. Plyer, G. Le Besnerais, B. Leclaire, A. Cheminet [download abstract] [download paper]
    • The Identification of Lagrangian Coherent Structures in a Nominally Two-Dimensoinal Shear Flow via Lagrangian Particle Tracking
      G. A. Rosi, A. M. Walker, D. E. Rival [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Measurement of Ejecta from Hypervelocity Impacts with a Generalized High-Speed Two-Frame 3D Hybrid Particle Tracking Velocimetry Method
      B. Hermalyn, J.T. Heineck, E.T. Schairer, P.H. Schultz [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Temporal resolution of time-resolved tomographic PIV in turbulent boundary layers
      K. Lynch, S. Pröbsting, F. Scarano [download abstract] [download paper]
    • ‘Shake The Box’ - a 4D PTV algorithm: Accurate and ghostless reconstruction of Lagrangian tracks in densely seeded flows
      D. Schanz, A. Schröder, S. Gesemann [download abstract] [download paper]

    SESSION 1.6: Engines I

    SESSION 1.7: Aerodynamics II

    SESSION 1.8: Drop/Spray Measurement Techniques II

    • Interferometric Particle Imaging for cavitation nuclei characterization in cavitation tunnels and in the wake flow
      E. Ebert, A. Kleinwächter, R. Kostbade, N. Damaschke [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Volumetric Imaging and Multi-Angle Illumination for Dense Sprays Characterization
      C. Sipperley, W. Bachalo [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Planar velocity measurements of unsteady spray flows with kHz rate using a micro scanner and a high speed camera
      A. Fischer, U. Wilke, R. Schlüßler, D. Haufe, T. Sandner, J. Czarske [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Organic photo sensors: a revolution for the development of innovative particle sizing methods
      M. Sentis, F. R.A. Onofri, S. Martinez, F. Chauchard, O. Dhez, J.-Y. Laurent [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Localized measurement of longitudinal and transverse flow velocities in colloidal suspensions using optical coherence tomography
      N. Weiss, T.G. van Leeuwen, J. Kalkman [download abstract] [download paper]

    SESSION 1.9: Magnetic Resonance Velocimetry

    SESSION 1.10: Engines II

    • Simultaneous PLIF imaging of formaldehyde and high-speed chemiluminescence within a Rapid Compression Machine
      A. Claverie, V. Prevost, J. Sotton, C. Strozzi, M. Bellenoue [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Application of multi-parameter laser-induced fluorescence with amine/ketone tracer mixtures in DISI engines
      S. Lind, J. Trost, L. Zigan, A. Leipertz, S. Will [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Laser-induced incandescence measurements in a fired Diesel engine at 3 kHz
      I. Boxx, O. Heinold, K.P. Geigle [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Two-phase PIV to investigate spray/flow interaction in Gasoline Direct Injection engine
      J. Lemétayer, A. Cessou, E. Domingues, B. Lecordier, C. Lacour [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Development of M12 Type Plug-in LDV Probe for Evaluationof of Flow Field near Spark Location in SI Engine
      A. Nishiyama, T. Furui, Y. Ikeda [download abstract] [download paper]

    SESSION 1.11: Unsteady Aerodynamics

    SESSION 1.12: Drop/Spray Measurement Techniques III

    • Comparison between signal attenuation correction methodology for LIF and scattered light intensity measurements in dense sprays
      G. Charalampous, Y. Hardalupas [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Triple Interval Phase Doppler Interferometry: Improved Dense Sprays Measurements and Enhanced Phase Discrimination
      C. Sipperley, W. Bachalo [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Evaluation of PDA Applicability in regard to Heavy Fuel Oil Spray Investigations
      B. von Rotz, T. Kammermann, B. Schneider, A. Schmid, K. Herrmann, G. Weisser, K. Boulouchos [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Ballistic imaging of high-pressure fuel sprays using incoherent, ultra-short pulsed illumination with an ultrafast OKE-based time gating
      H. Purwar, S. Idlahcen, C. Rozé, J.B. Blaisot [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Single camera 3-D shadowgraphy system for droplet sizing
      M Legrand, A Lecuona, J Nogueira, R Forte [download abstract] [download paper]

    SESSION 1.13: Light-Field Imaging and Doppler Global

    SESSION 1.14: Microfluid Mechanics

    • μ-PIV characterization of the flow in a milli-labyrinth-channel used in micro-irrigation
      J. Al-Muhammad, S. Tomas, N. Ait-Mouheb, M. Amielh, F. Anselmet [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Micro-PIV Study of Passive Droplet Generation in a T-junction in the Squeezing, Transition, and Dripping Regimes
      Z. Almutairi, C. Ren, D. Johnson [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Investigation of Near Surface Flow Field and Glycocalyx Dimension of Endothelial Cells by Confocal Micro-PIV and Super-Resolution Microscopy
      M.Urushidani, Y.Sugii, K.Mogi, K.Hishida [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Development of Total Internal Reflection Raman Imaging for Non-intrusive Quantitative Visualization of Near-wall Concentration
      R. Kuriyama, T. Tateishi, Y. Sato [download abstract] [download paper]
    • Tomographic long-range microPIV to resolve the small-scale motions in the turbulent region of a jet at high Reynolds numbers
      D. Fiscaletti, E.F.J. Overmars, J. Westerweel, G.E. Elsinga [download abstract] [download paper]

    SESSION 1.15: Flow Control

    SESSION 1.16: Drop/Spray Measurement Techniques IV

    Tuesday, July 08


    Challenges in measuring temperature and chemical composition in droplets and sprays
    Fabrice Lemoine

      SESSION 2.1: Volumetric Methods

      SESSION 2.2: Scalar Measurements I

      SESSION 2.3: Aeroacoustics

      SESSION 2.4: Rotating Flow

      • Stereo PIV Measurement of Flow Structures underneath an Axial-Slot Casing Treatment on a One and a Half Stage Transonic Compressor
        C. Brandstetter, M. Kegalj, F. Wartzek, F. Heinichen, H.-P. Schiffer [download abstract] [download paper]
      • Cross Wind Influence on the Flow Field and Blade Vibration of an Axial Fan
        T. Heinemann, S. Becker [download abstract] [download paper]
      • Application of image based measurement techniques for the investigation of aeroengine performance on a commercial aircraft in ground operation
        A. Schröder, R. Geisler, D. Schanz, J. Agocs, D. Pallek M. Schroll, J. Klinner, M. Beversdorff, M. Voges, C. Willert [download abstract] [download paper]

      SESSION 2.5: Holographic PIV

      • Refined Particle Position Localisation in Digital Holographic Particle Image Velocimetry
        C. Hesseling, T. Homeyer, J. Peinke, G. Gülker [download abstract] [download paper]
      • Digital in-line holography and “inverse problems” approach for Lagrangian measurements of droplets evaporation
        L. Méès, N. Grosjean, J.L. Marié, M. Seifi, C. Fournier [download abstract] [download paper]
      • Reduction of reconstructed particle elongation using iterative min-max filtering in holographic particle image velocimetry
        Y. Tanaka, S. Murata [download abstract] [download paper]
      • Simultaneous measurements of a turbulent round jet using PIV and Holographic-PIV
        O. Amili, D. Mitchell, D. Honnery, J. Soria [download abstract] [download paper]
      • Direct Measurement of Three-Dimensional Velocity by a Doppler-Phase-Shifting Holography
        N. Ninomiya, Y. Kubo, D. Barada, T. Kiire [download abstract] [download paper]

      SESSION 2.6: Scalar Measurements II

      SESSION 2.7: Velocimetry

      SESSION 2.8: Two-Phase Flows I

      • Electrochemical measurement of near-wall flows induced by laser cavitation bubbles
        F. Reuter, C. Cairos, R. Mettin [download abstract] [download paper]
      • Interfacial Dynamics of Immiscible Liquid-Liquid Displacement and Breakup in a Capillary Tube
        C.F. Yan, H.-H. Qiu [download abstract] [download paper]
      • Flow visualization and f-PIV of a two-phase cavitating flow through a safety relief valve at initial subcooling conditions
        J. Pinho, P. Rambaud, S. Chabane, J.M. Buchlin, G. Caridi [download abstract] [download paper]
      • Empirical correlations between bubble dynamics and heat transfer coefficient for pool boiling over micro-textured surfaces
        E. Teodori, A.S.Moita, A.L.N Moreira [download abstract] [download paper]
      • Experimental study of falling films by simultaneous laser induced fluorescence and particle tracking velocimetry
        A. Charogiannis, C.N. Markides [download abstract] [download paper]

      PLENARY SESSION: Manufacturers' Session

      Artium Technologies Inc.
      Bioptica/ Excel Lasers
      Dantec Dynamics
      ILA – Intelligent Laser Applications GmbH
      Litron Lasers
      Oxford Lasers

        SESSION 2.9: Force/Pressure from PIV Data

        • Pressure-Field Extraction from Lagrangian Particle Tracking using a Voronoi Tessellation-Based Algorithm
          N.J. Neeteson, D.E. Rival [download abstract] [download paper]
        • 3D extension of the fluid trajectory evaluation based on an ensemble averaged cross-correlation (FTEE) for acceleration and pressure evaluation of the flow around a flapping wing
          Y. J. Jeon, T. Tronchin, L. Chatellier, L. David [download abstract] [download paper]
        • Instantaneous Pressure from Single-Snapshot Tomographic PIV by Vortex-in-Cell
          J.F.G. Schneiders, K. Lynch, R. P. Dwight, B. W. van Oudheusden, F. Scarano [download abstract] [download paper]
        • Assessment of instantaneous pressure determination 
in a transonic base flow based on four-pulse tomographic PIV
          P.L. Blinde, K.P. Lynch, B.W. van Oudheusden, F.F.J. Schrijer [download abstract] [download paper]

        SESSION 2.10: Wakes

        SESSION 2.11: Background Oriented Schlieren

        • A modification of the classical correction factor for digital background oriented Schlieren when applied in the near-field
          N.P. van Hinsberg [download abstract] [download paper]
        • Reconstruction of instantaneous 3D flow density fields by a new direct regularized 3DBOS method
          V. Todoroff, G. Le Besnerais, D. Donjat, F. Micheli, F. Champagnat, A. Plyer [download abstract] [download paper]
        • Multi-camera calibration for 3DBOS
          Y. Le Sant, V. Todoroff, A. Bernard-Brunel, G. Le Besnerais, F. Micheli, D. Donjat [download abstract] [download paper]
        • Laser speckle based background oriented Schlieren measurements in a fire 
backlayering front
          P. Bühlmann, A. H. Meier, M. Ehrensperger, T. Rösgen [download abstract] [download paper]
        • Airborne Application of the Background Oriented Schlieren Technique to a Helicopter in Forward Flight
          A. Bauknecht, C. B. Merz, M. Raffel [download abstract] [download paper]
        • The evolution of a shock wave pressure induced by a laser pulse in a liquid filled thin tube using the background-oriented Schlieren technique
          S. Yamamoto, Y. Tagawa, M. Kameda [download abstract] [download paper]

        SESSION 2.12: Two-Phase Flows II

        Wednesday, July 09


        A perspective on scalar measurements for turbulent mixing and combustion
        Noel Clemens

          SESSION 3.1: PIV Uncertainty Quantification

          • Collaborative framework for PIV uncertainty quantification: the experimental database
            D. R. Neal, A. Sciacchitano, B. L. Smith, F. Scarano [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Collaborative framework for PIV uncertainty quantification: comparative assessment of methods
            A. Sciacchitano, D. Neal, B. Smith, S. Warner, P. Vlachos, B. Wieneke, F. Scarano [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Direct Estimation of PIV Uncertainty from Correlation Plane Analysis
            J. J. Charonko, S. Bhattacharya, Z. Xue, P. P. Vlachos [download abstract] [download paper]

          SESSION 3.2: Laser Doppler Processing

          SESSION 3.3: Boundary Layers I

          SESSION 3.4: Vortex Flows

          • A swirl generator design approach to increase the efficiency of uniflow cyclones
            M. Pillei, T. Kofler, M. Kraxner [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Characterizing the flow field inside a Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube using filtered Rayleigh scattering, Laser-2-Focus velocimetry and numerical methods
            U. Doll, M. Beversdorff, G. Stockhausen, C. Willert, D. Schlüß, C. Morsbach [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Particle Image Velocimetry Measurement of Tornado-like Vortices Compared with Doppler Radar Data
            M. Refan, H. Hangan, K. Siddiqui [download abstract] [download paper]

          SESSION 3.5: PIV Processing Algorithms

          SESSION 3.6: Jets I

          SESSION 3.7: Boundary Layers II

          • Investigation of the turbulent boundary layer in high Rayleigh number convection in air using long PIV sequences
            C. Willert, R. du Puits, C. Resagk [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Real time visualization and analysis of sensory hair arrays using fast image processing and proper orthogonal decomposition
            M. Sastuba, Ch. Skupsch, Ch. Brücker [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Tomographic PIV investigation of roughness induced transition in a hypersonic boundary layer
            F. Avallone, Q. Ye, F.F.J. Schrijer, F. Scarano, G. Cardone [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Differential infrared thermography for transition detection on rotor blades
            T. Schwermer, C.B. Merz, K. Richter, D. Frieling, M. Raffel [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Large Scale Adverse Pressure Gradient Turbulent Boundary Investigation by means of PIV and PTV
            N.A. Buchmann, C. Cierpka, T. Knopp, D. Schanz, A. Schroeder, R. Hain, C.J. Kähler [download abstract] [download paper]

          SESSION 3.8: Internal Flows

          • PIV and LDA velocity measurements for the characterization of the TKE budget in flows within arrays of emergent cylinders
            A.M. Ricardo, K. Koll, R.M.L. Ferreira [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Fuel Gallery Residence Time & Heat Transfer Experimental Technique Development for Gas Turbine Fuel Injectors
            Z. Hamadache, A. Spencer [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Stereo-PIV Study of Oil Flow Inside a Model Gearbox
            E.A. Hartono, A. Pavlenko, V. Chernoray [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Dual-Plane Stereoscopic PIV Measurements of Fine-Scale and Large-Scale Structures in Surfactant-Added Drag-Reducing Turbulent Pipe Flows
            S. Ito, Y. Naka, M. Shimura, N. Fukushima, M. Tanahashi, T. Miyauchi [download abstract] [download paper]

          SESSION 3.9: PIV System Development

          SESSION 3.10: Jets II

          SESSION 3.11: Boundary Layers III

          SESSION 3.12: Particle Laden Flows

          SESSION 3.13: PIV Applications I

          • Influence of an obstacle on the behavior of a gravity wave and flow mixing before a backdraft phenomenon
            J-M. Most, A. Claverie, D. Denis, G. Guigay [download abstract] [download paper]
          • PIV compared to classical measurement techniques using the example of turbulent flow through an air outlet
            T.Gericke, P. Scholz [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Comparative study on optical measurement techniques for the estimation of particle velocities in dense two-phase flows
            T. Hagemeier, C. Roloff, A. Bück, E. Tsotsas [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Single Camera PIV/Shadowgraphy and Laser Delivery on Earthquake Shake Table for Fluid-Structure Interaction Measurements
            N.A., Weichselbaum, S. Clément, S. Wang, M.A. André, M. Rahimi-Abkenar, M. Manzari, P.M. Bardet [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Investigation of a transitional oblique shock wave reflection using PIV
            R. Giepman, F. Schrijer, B. van Oudheusden [download abstract] [download paper]

          SESSION 3.14: PLIF/PIV Applications I

          SESSION 3.15: Biomedical Flows I

          SESSION 3.16: Drops and Sprays

          Thursday, July 10

          SESSION 4.1: Scanning and Tomo PIV Measurements

          SESSION 4.2: PLIF Technique Development

          SESSION 4.3: Combustion I

          • Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy measurements in spray flames
            R. Yuan, M. Kotzagianni, S. Couris, E. Mastorakos [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Investigation on the Acoustic Behavior of a Turbulent Swirl-Stabilized Combustor Fed with Liquid Fuel
            A. Johchi, L. Zimmer, M. Tanahashi [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Simultaneous PIV/OH-PLIF measurement in a gas turbine model combustor at 5 bar and 3kHz acquisition rate
            J.D. Gounder, I. Boxx, P. Kutne, S. Wysocki, F. Biagioli [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Volumetric flame measurements in a lifted turbulent jet flame using tomographic reconstruction of chemiluminescence
            J. Weinkauff, J. Köser, D. Michaelis, B. Peterson, A. Dreizler, B. Böhm [download abstract] [download paper]
          • 1D single-shot thermometry in flames by Spontaneous Raman Scattering through a fast electro-optical shutter
            H. Ajrouche, A. Lo, P. Vervisch, A. Cessou [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Stability Analysis and Flow Characterization of Multi-Perforated Premixed Plate Burners
            J. M. N. Rodrigues, E. C. Fernandes [download abstract] [download paper]

          SESSION 4.4: Biomedical Flows II

          SESSION 4.5: PIV Applications II

          SESSION 4.6: PIV/LIF Applications II

          • Evaluation of the topological characteristics of the turbulence flow in a ‘box of turbulence’ through 2D Particle Image Velocimetry
            H.Lian, Y.Hardalupas [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Study of Thermal Stratification in a Natural Convection Loop by One Color Laser Induced Fluorescence
            C. Spaccapaniccia, Z.E. Yildirim, P. Planquart, J.M. Buchlin [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Effects of separation distance on the vortical behaviour of jet-impingement upon convex cylinders
            J. Long, T. H. New [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Transient velocity-temperature correlation in the near-wall region of lazy plume over horizontal surface
            Ch. Friebe, M.H. Buschmann, Ch. Resagk [download abstract] [download paper]
          • Fluid dynamic characterization of innovative tools for the hydraulic separation of plastic waste
            E. Lupo, S. Fulco, M. Moroni, F. La Marca [download abstract] [download paper]

          SESSION 4.7: Combustion II