> Program
The program consists of oral sessions of contributed papers running in parallel in four different theatres and of three keynote lectures. In addition, an exhibition brings together some of the world leading manufacturers of laser equipment for fluid flow research. A plenary session is also planned, featured by the exhibitors, to provide ample opportunity for attendees to be acquainted with the latest laser based techniques developed for fluid flow research.

Two dinners are organized for scientists to join together in a friendly and typical environment.

Monday July 9th


Magnetic Resonance Velocimetry
John Eaton

    SESSION 1.1: Volumetric Methods

    SESSION 1.2: Scalar Measurements I

    SESSION 1.3: Aerodynamics I

    SESSION 1.4: Engines I

    SESSION 1.5: Volumetric Velocimetry

    SESSION 1.6: Scalar Measurements II

    SESSION 1.7: Aerodynamics II

    SESSION 1.8: Engines II

    SESSION 1.9: Tomographic/Holographic Velocimetry

    SESSION 1.10: Scalar Measurements III

    SESSION 1.11: Two-phase Flows I

    SESSION 1.12: Engines III

    SESSION 1.13: PIV Algorithms

    SESSION 1.14: Droplets I

    SESSION 1.15: Two-phase Flows II

    Tuesday July 10th


    Inhomogeneous turbulence
    Jerry Westerweel

      SESSION 2.1: Planar Velocimetry Methods

      SESSION 2.2: Droplets II

      SESSION 2.3: Unsteady Flows I

      SESSION 2.4: Microfluid Mechanics I

      SESSION 2.5: PIV Processing

      SESSION 2.6: Spray Measurement Techniques

      SESSION 2.7: Unsteady Flows II

      SESSION 2.8: Microfluid Mechanics II


      Manufacturers' Session

        SESSION 2.9: PIV Error/Uncertainty

        SESSION 2.10: Sprays

        SESSION 2.11: Aeroacoustics

        SESSION 2.12: Doppler Velocimetry

        Wednesday July 11th


        Imaging Transport in Living Cells
        Clemens Kaminski

          SESSION 3.1: Biomedical Flows I

          SESSION 3.2: Jet Flows I

          SESSION 3.3: Flow Control/Devices

          SESSION 3.4: Force/Pressure from PIV Data

          SESSION 3.5: Biomedical Flows II

          SESSION 3.6: Jet Flows II

          SESSION 3.7: Combustion I

          SESSION 3.8: PIV Applications

          SESSION 3.9: Bubbles I

          SESSION 3.10: Jet Flows III

          SESSION 3.11: Combustion II

          SESSION 3.12: Bubbles II

          SESSION 3.13: Boundary Layers

          SESSION 3.14: Combustion III

          Thursday July 12th

          SESSION 4.1: Complex Internal Flows

          SESSION 4.2: Rotating Machinery

          SESSION 4.3: Spectroscopic Techniques

          SESSION 4.4: Novel Techniques

          SESSION 4.5: Flows with Rotation

          SESSION 4.6: Combustion IV