> Background
Laser techniques represent one of the most important diagnostic tools in experimental fluid mechanics. Technological developments in lasers, detectors, electronics and computers have continued to be the source of new techniques, improved accuracy, higher spatial or temporal resolution and new applications. The International Symposia on Applications of Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics, held biennially in Lisbon since 1982, have been continually providing forums for promoting the interchange of new ideas on the development of advanced techniques for flow measurement and on the latest applications in the field. This series, often referred to simply as the “Lisbon Symposia”, provides a source of state-of-the-art experimental fluid mechanics for three decades.

Past Symposia have been highly successful scientific meetings, which have brought together researchers from all over the world in a friendly social environment. Visit the website of Previous Symposia to find out more about all past editions, where all the papers presented since 2000 are available for download.