The Symposium provides a forum for promoting the interchange of new ideas on the development of advanced techniques for flow measurement and on the latest applications in the field. Past Symposia have been highly successful scientific meetings, which have brought together researchers from all over the world in a friendly social environment. Contributions to the theory and practice of measurement methods are accepted where they facilitate new improved fluid mechanic investigations, and include developments of the laser Doppler and phase Doppler technique, particle image velocimetry, laser induced fluorescence and other scalar diagnostic methods. The scope has evolved and more recent symposia have embraced emerging applications, such as the analysis of BioMEMS and flow structure and macro-molecular transport in the vascular system.
Previous Symposia
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All papers are incorporated on a 1GB flash memory stick (USB 2.0) which is available at the time of the Symposium, together with a book of abstracts. Experiments in Fluids publishes a Special Issue comprising papers selected from those contributed to the Proceedings of the Symposium.