Built on the ruins of the Convent, it was decorated with magnificent old glazed tiles and stone elements as well as the frescos, one of the most impressive interiors of Lisbon on 19th century. In 1920's, the frescos became alive again with the Maison Brussels of haute couture on the first floor.

In 1988, the new owner restored the entire palace and brought back to light the original frescos.

Ideal and beautiful setting for gala dinners where you can enjoy International Cuisine and have a good time.


Pateos remind us a particular moment in Lisbonís history. From about the 1860ís to the 1880ís, working people flooded for a better life. They built a new sort of town, squeezing many families into small areas, with as much privacy as possible, and with a country flavour which Lisbon has never lost; with small gardens, simple houses, attic roofs, secret yards and sunny taverns. Strangersí eyes canít penetrate the gates and passages between the buildings to the intimate life within.

Colourful ceramics, iron balconies, bridging staircases blend harmoniously. Neighbours can chat from house to house, buy from street-criers, shout messages to kids at play. Girls at windows can be courted from the street. School, chapel, police, station, public washtub and WC, baker, butcher, pub, grocery and Workshop might all be close by.

These Lisbon Pateos are being swallowed up in reinforced concrete, and Pateo Alfacinha has restored one of them in mid-city with a breath of village life and community, with its many rooms and floors linked together with the wisdom and charm of the original, and ironwork and tiles from old buildings.

Here there is lawn, a hidden cistern, a trellis with stone pillars, a garden corner, palms, a shed, a tree with an echo of country birds: there an old style Portuguese house, a tavern, a bakery with a rustic oven, a barbecue, a wine-cellar, a chapel, craft shops and a barber.

You may catch Portuguese music at an evening of Fado or old Lisbon marches Ė or traditional games; and the best of Portuguese food and wines, cheeses, hams and other tidbits with the good flavours of old times, far from skyscrapers and shopping centers.

In pateo Alfacinha you can make contact with Lisbon of hundred years ago. It is waiting for you.


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