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Session 1- PLENARY

Monocular 3-D magnetic bead microrheometry » download «
» J. Lammerding, J. Rohály and D. P. Hart

Investigations on disturbance amplification in a laminar separation bubble by means of LDA and PIV » download «
» M. Lang, U. Rist and S. Wagner

Experimental study of the instability of vortex rings » download «
» A. Dazin, P. Dupont and M. Stanislas


Simultaneous measurement of free-surface and turbulence interaction using specklegram method and stereo-PIV » download «
» G. Tanaka, Y .Ishitsu, K. Okamoto and H. Madarame

Joint PIV & DSPI compared to standard stereo PIV: some results from a turbulent boundary layer » download «
» J. Lobera, M. P. Arroyo, N. Perenne and M. Stanislas

A miniaturized 3-D particle-tracking velocimetry system to measure the pore flow within a gravel layer » download «
» M. Klar, P. Stybalkowski, H. Spies and B. Jaehne

Application of 3D-PTV to track particle moving inside heterogeneous porous media » download «
» A. Cenedese, J. H. Cushman and M. Moroni

Fibre optic delivery of high peak power Q-switched laser pulses for flow measurement » download «
» T. Stephens, D. Towers, R. Maier, M. Haste, J. Jones and D. Hand

Digital holographic velocimetry with bacteriorhodopsin (BR) for real-time recording and numeric reconstruction » download «
» D. Barnhart, N. Hampp, N. Halliwell and J. Coupland


Feasibility of LDA measurements in high void fraction bubbly flow » download «
» S. Guet and H. van Maanen

Turbulent bubbly flow measurements in a mixing vessel with PIV » download «
» M. Honkanen and P. Saarenrinne

Experimental studies of bubble interaction and coalescence in a turbulent flow by an imaging PIV/PTV system » download «
» D. Bröder and M. Sommerfeld

Bubble Wake Interaction with Convective flow from a heated vertical flat plate » download «
» Y. Delauré, V. Chan and D. Murray

Bubble deformation and flow structure measured by double shadow images and PIV/LIF » download «
» Y. Danmoto, A. Fujiwara, K. Hishida and M. Maeda

Understanding of dynamics of a two-phase flashing jet using multi-intensity layer PIV and PDA » download «
» D. Yildiz, R. Theunissen, J. van Beeck and M. Riethmuller


Tip vortices generated by a wing in ground effect » download «
» X. Zhang, J. Zerihan, and M. Deviese

Experimental investigations of interaction of supersonic wing-tip vortices with a normal shock » download «
» F. Leopold, H. Richard, M. Raffel and F. Christnacher

Application of laser schlieren technique to study shock-wave/boundary-layer interaction flowfields » download «
» S. Verma

Application of particle image velocimetry to high-speed supersonic flows in a shock tunnel » download «
» M. Havermann, J. Haertig, C. Rey and A. George

PIV analysis of a delta wing flow with or without LEX » download «
» Y.-H. Lee, M.-H. Sohn, J.-H. Kim, B.-S. Kim

A Stereoscopic PIV Study of a Vectored Rectangular Jet » download «
» M. Madruga, L. Lourenço and A. Krothapalli


A Model based Validation strategy for Cross Correlation PIV » download «
» C. Young, D. Johnson and E. Weckman

Comparison of interpolation techniques for 2D and 3D velocimetry » download «
» L. David, A. Esnault and D. Calluaud

Adaptive linear filters for PIV data derivatives » download «
» A. Acosta, A. Lecuona, J. Nogueira and U. Ruiz-Rivas

PIV-data validation algorithm based on statistical analysis for ensemble of turbulent velocity fields » download «
» O. Heinz, B. Ilyushin and D. Markovich

Data validation interpolation and signal to noise increase in iterative PIV methods » download «
» A. Lecuona, J. Nogueira and P. Rodriguez


Three-dimensional flow and turbulence structures in electrostatic precipitator » download «
» T. Ullum, P. Larsen and O. Özcan

Initial particle velocity distribution from 2-D erupting bubbles in fluidized beds » download «
» D. Santana, A. Lecuona, J. Nogueira and A. Macías-Machín

Control of a rectangular particle-laden jet with a piezoelectric actuator » download «
» S. Pothos and E. Longmire

Global rainbow thermometry applied to a flashing two-phase R134-A jet » download «
» D. Yildiz, J. van Beeck and M. Riethmuller


Detection of structure in non-stationnary flow by PIV and wall pressure measurement » download «
» C. Vartanian, J. Lasserre, V. Linet, J. Valiere and J. Bonnet

Combined measuring technique of sound and flow field for evaluation of aerodynamic noise » download «
» H. Sato and M. Kimura

Flow field visualizations around oscillating airfoils » download «
» E. Berton, A. Benyahia, D. Favier and C. Maresca

Recording and evaluation methods of piv investigations on a helicopter rotor model » download «
» M. Raffel, H. Richard, G. Schneider, F. Klinge, K. Ehrenfried, K. Pengel and G. Feenstra


Three component planar doppler velocimetry using imaging fibre bundles » download «
» D. Nobes, H. Ford and R. Tatam

3D-DGV for flow field investigation in pipes » download «
» H. Müller, T. Lehmacher, N. Pape, V. Strunk and D. Dopheide

Simplified DGV on-line profile sensor » download «
» H. Müller, N. Pape, G. Grosche, V. Strunk and D. Dopheide

Doppler global velocimetry: development and wind tunnel tests » download «
» P. Barricau, C. Lempereur, J. Mathé, A. Mignosi and H. Buchet

A MHz Rate Imaging System for study of turbulent and time envolving high speed flows » download «
» W. Lempert, B. Thurow, J. Hileman and M. Samimy


Digital holography for whole field spray diagnostics » download «
» J. Burke, C. Hess and V. Kebbel

Application of interferometric laser imaging technique to a transient spray flow » download «
» T. Kawaguchi, Y. Akasaka and M. Maeda

Size and velocity measurement with the global phase doppler technique » download «
» N. Damaschke, H. Nobach, N. Semidetnov and C. Tropea

GSI out of focus imaging technique to study absorbing sprays » download «
» R. Calabria and P. Massoli

Session 11- MIXING

Power consumption and circulation flow rate of polymer solutions in a stirred vessel powered by an hyperboloid impeller » download «
» A. Cavadas and F. Pinho

On the measurement of turbulence energy dissipation in stirred vessels with PIV techniques » download «
» S. Baldi, D. Hann and M. Yianneskis

Turbulence control in a mixing tank with PIV » download «
» P. Saarenrinne and M. Piirto

On flow fluctuations in a static mixer » download «
» Z. Jaworski and S. Peryt

Session 12- MICRO PIV

Turbulence measurements with µ-PIV in large-scale pipe flow » download «
» R. Lindken, J. Westerweel and F. Nieuwstadt

Analysis of slip flow in microchannels » download «
» D. Tretheway, X. Liu and C. Meinhart

Two-point ensemble correlation for micro-PIV applications » download «
» J. Westerweel, C. Poelma and R. Lindken

Digital filters for reducing background noise in micro-PIV measurements » download «
» S. Wereley, L. Gui, and S. Lee

Measurements in micro-channel by laser induced molecular tagging and micro-PIV » download «
» T. Yamamoto, S. Inaba, Y. Sato, K. Hishida and M. Maeda

Investigation of the flow field within a plane micromixer by means of PIV » download «
» H. Zadeh and P. Ehrhard


X-ray based velocimetry measurements in multi-phase flows - an alternative to optical methods? » download «
» A. Seeger, K. Affeld, U. Kertzscher, L. Goubergrits and E. Wellnhofer

Accuracy and feasibility of bubble dynamic measurements with four-point optical glass fiber probes » download «
» R. Fortunati, G. Ooms and S. Guet

Application of DDPIV to bubbly flow measurement » download «
» D. Jeon, F. Pereira and M. Gharib

Simultaneous PIV and shadowgraphy measurements in slug flow in newtonian and non-newtonian liquids » download «
» S. Nogueira, R. Sousa, J. Campos, A. Pinto and M. Riethmuller

PIV measurements of free-falling irregular particles » download «
» C. Losenno and W. Easson

Shadow doppler velocimetry with double fiber-array sensors » download «
» K. Matsuura, M. Komaki and K. Ueyama

Session 14- COMBUSTION

PIV/PLIF investigation of two phase vortex-flame interactions » download «
» A. Lemaire, T. Meyer, J. Gord and J. Rolon

Mixing and combustion analysis of non-premixed turbulent flame submitted to acoustic forcing using simultaneous acetone & OH laser induced fluorescence » download «
» B. Varoquie, A Pubill Melsiň, F. Lacas and D. Veynante

Experimental study of lean premixed turbulent combustion » download «
» B. Taupin , D. Vauchelles, G. Cabot and A. Boukhalfa

Effects of ignition delay on impulsively initiated premixed jets » download «
» T. Meyer, S. Gogineni, V. Katta and J. Gord

Suppression of Combustion instability using an aerodynamically exited Atomizer » download «
» B. Golovanevsky and Y. Levy


Simultaneous, spatially-resolved temperature and velocity measurements using cross-correlation PIV » download «
» S. Werely, V. Hohreiter, J. Chung and M. Olsen

The measurement of gas dissolution into liquid by ph based laser absorption and fluorescence PIV » download «
» S. Mori, T. Kawaguchi, K. Hishida and M. Maeda

Local density information obtained by means of the background oriented schlieren method » download «
» F. Klinge and M. Riethmuller

Progress in a PIV-PTV technique: application to concentration measurements » download «
» A. Stitou and M. Riethmuller


Application of laser ignition on laminar flame front structure investigation » download «
» J.-L. Beduneau and Y. Ikeda

Time-resolved laser-induced incandescence for in-situ nanoparticle characterisation in different reactors » download «
» S. Dankers, S. Will, J. Reimann, A. Leipertz, J. Arndt, K. Vogel, S. Schraml and A. Hemm

Particle-image velocimetry in the exhaust of small solid rocket motors » download «
» B. Balakumar and R. Adrian

Experimental investigation of a supersonic rocket engine plume using oh emission, oh plif and cars thermometry » download «
» A. Bresson, P. Bouchardy and F. Grisch


Dynamics of Large-Scale Structures in Turbulent Flow over a Wavy Wall » download «
» A. Guenther, N. Kruse and P. von Rohr

Flow Measurements over a moving sandy bed » download «
» M. Costa, S. Teixeira and J. Teixeira

Experimental investigation of a turbulent transpiration-induced channel flow using particle image velocimetry technique » download «
» Z. Deng and R. Adrian

Macro- and milli-DPIV studies of a boundary-layer-based flow-control system for a transonic cascade » download «
» W. Copenhaver, P. Koch, D. Car, W. Ng, S. Guillot, J. Estevadeordal and C. Carter

Steady fluid flow investigation using PIV in a multi-pass coolant channel » download «
» M. Jarius and M. Elfert


Temporal resolved gas temperature measurement of 20 kHz using 2.0 um semiconductor diode laser » download «
» Y. Ikeda, K. Fukuzato, K. Oka and T. Nakajima

Fluctuating temperature measurements on a cylinder in a cross flow using fibre-optic bragg grating sensors » download «
» Z. Wang, X. Wang, Y. Zhou and W. Wong

Neural network's usage for images analysis in combustion interferometry » download «
» V. S. Abrukov and P. Deltsov

Thermographic phosphors for gas turbines: instrumentation developments and measurement uncertainties » download «
» J. Feist, A. Heyes and S. Seefeldt

Experimental Study of a High Speed Flow Inside a Dual Research Ducted Rocket Combustor Using Laser Doppler Velocimetry » download «
» C. Brossard, P. Gicquel, M. Barat and A. Ristori


PIV investigation of oscillating flows within a 3d lung multiple bifurcations model » download «
» A. Ramuzat and M. Riethmuller

PIV and PTV measurements downstream an artificial heart valve » download «
» A. Balducci, M. Grigioni, G.Querzoli, G. Romano, C. Daniele and G. D'Avenio

Development of an advanced mechanical heart valves PIV test bench » download «
» P. Castellini, M. Marassi, M. Pinotti, L. Scalise and E. Tomasini

Influence of physiological conditions on optical parameters and scattering properties of red blood cells » download «
» D. Wysoczanski, J. Mroczka and F. Onofri

Assessment of wall shear flow in blood vessel models » download «
» U. Kertzscher, P. Debaene, L. Goubergrits and A. Seeger


Measurement of the spatial coherence of turbulence in flows » download «
» O. Power, J. Cater and J. Fitzpatrick

Analysis of Oscillating Shear Layer » download «
» C. Cala, E. Fernandes and M. Heitor

Development of a free jet generated by an axial turbine in an open space: Application to ventilation in fire fighting (VFF) » download «
» R. Vidor and M. Lebey

LDA application and the dual measurement method in experimental investigations of the free jet flow at a model nozzle of a Pelton turbine » download «
» Z. Zhang and E. Parkinson


Spatial-resolved velocity measurements of wall flows with a novel differential Doppler velocity profile sensor » download «
» J. Czarske, L. Büttner, T. Razik, H. Müller and D. Dopheide

Multi-component LDA using coherence properties of semiconductor lasers » download «
» M. Eggert, G. Grosche, H. Müller and M. Koch

Multimode fibre laser Doppler anemometer with directional discrimination and high spatial resolution for the investigation of turbulent boundary layers » download «
» L. Buettner and J. Czarske

How to get spatial resolution inside probe volumes of commercial 3D-LDA systems » download «
» V. Strunk, T. Sodomann, H. Müller and D. Dopheide


Optical particle sizing in backscatter » download «
» N. Damasch, H. Nobach, N. Semidetnov and C. Tropea

Transient internal and and near scattered fields from a multilayered sphere illuminated by a pulsed laser » download «
» L. Méčs, K. F. Ren, G. Gouesbet and G. Gréhan

Interferometric sizing of single-axis birefringent glass fibers » download «
» A. Lenoble, F. Onofri, H. Bultynck, P.-H. Guering and N. Marsault

The impact of high order refraction on optical microbubble sizing in multiphase flows » download «
» H. -H. Qiu and C. Hsu


Effect of wall suction on the structure of a turbulent boundary layer » download «
» L. Djenidi, P. Gall and R. Antonia

PIV measurements of drag reducing boundary layer flows » download «
» C. White, V. Somandepalli and M. Mungal

Experimental study of micro-bubble drag reduction using particle image velocimetry » download «
» Y. Hassan and J. Villafuerte

The influence of a drag-reducing surfactant on turbulent velocity and temperature field of a 2D channel flow » download «
» F-Ch. Li, Y. Kawaguchi and K. Hishida


Accelerated super-resolution PIV based on successive abandonment method » download «
» Y. Yamamoto, T. Uemura and S. Kadota

3D Velocity measurements by optical flow PIV based on a simple and accurate camera calibration » download «
» P. Gougat, A. Rambert, F. Lusseyran and G. Quénot

Stereoscopic PIV calibration verification » download «
» D. Bjorkquist

Anomalous diffusion in a time-periodic, two-dimensional flow » download «
» S. Espa and A. Cenedese

The determination of velocity fluctuations in shear flows by means of PTV » download «
» G. Gullo, G. Querzoli, M. Moroni and G. Romano

Backward projection algorithm and stereoscopic particle image velocimetry measurements of the flow around a square cylinder » download «
» D. Calluaud and L. David

Session 25- SPRAYS 1

Automated quantitative interrogation of volumes to size high speed sprays » download «
» J. Kashdan, N. Parasram, J. Shrimpton and A. Whybrew

Quantitative measurements of planar droplet sauter mean diameter in sprays using planar droplet sizing » download «
» R. Domann and Y. Hardalupas

Fuel droplet dynamics and cluster formation in an industrial oil burner by planar droplet sizing » download «
» L. Zimmer, K. Fujimoto, Y. Ikeda and T. Nakajima

3D structure of evaporating fuel droplets by means of stereoscopic PIV » download «
» V. Palero and Y. Ikeda

Combined measurement of LIF and ILIDS for vapor concentration and droplets size and velocity in a spray » download «
» R. Kurosawa, K. Hishida and M. Maeda

Multi-intensity-layer PIV application to a gas turbine combustor » download «
» N. Yamada, Y. Ikeda and T. Nakajima


Characterization of a Strong Swirling Flow with Precessing Vortex Core based on Measurements of Velocity and Local Pressure Fluctuations » download «
» P. Anacleto, E. Fernandes, M. Heitor and S. Shtork

The effect of different initial conditions on the exit flow from a fluidic precessing jet nozzle » download «
» C. Wong, G. Nathan and T. O’Doherty

Endoscopic PIV-measurements in an enclosed rotor-stator system with pre-swirled cooling air » download «
» T. Geis, G. Rottenkolber, M. Dittmann, B. Richter, K. Dullenkopf and S. Wittig

Application of stereo-PIV: propeller wake analysis in a large circulating water channel » download «
» M. Felli, F. Pereira, G. Calcagno and F. Di Felice

Vortex flows from centrifugal fan » download «
» J. Kim


Development of the laser-induced incandescence method for the reliable characterization of particulate emissions » download «
» W. Bachalo, S. Sankar, G. Smallwood and D. Snelling

Measurements of reactive mixing of liquids with combined PIV and reactive PLIF methodology » download «
» C. Lipp, P. Gillis, R. Spradling, K. Tsai, M. Schafer and L. Melton

Laser-based diagnostics and scalar imaging in high compressibility shear layers » download «
» T. Rossmann, M. Mungal and R. Hanson

Pressure influence in burning velocity and quenching processes in acetone/air mixtures using laser induced fluorescence » download «
» A. Melsio and F. Lacas

Scalar measurements by laser induced fluorescence » download «
» M. Lima and J. Palma

Session 28- SPRAYS 2

Imaging and PDA analysis of a GDI spray in the near nozzle region » download «
» G. Wigley, M. Goodwin and G. Pichter

Simulation of geophysical fluid flows under microgravity (geoflow): flow diagnostics and experiment concept for fluid science experiments » download «
» C. Egbers

The response of fuel injector sprays to acoustic perturbation and their role in combustion instability » download «
» M. Jermy, W. Doherty and D. Greenhalgh

Spray characteristics of fuel mixed with carbon dioxide liquefied » download «
» H. Fujimoto, J. Senda and H. Nagamoto

PDA measuremants of single point injection in cross-flow » download «
» M. Melo, J. Sousa and M. Costa


Stereoscopic PIV measurements of transition in pipe flow » download «
» C. van Doorne, J. Westerweel and F. Nieuwstadt

Investigation of a turbulent spot using multiplane stereo PIV » download «
» A. Schröder and J. Kompenhans

Spatio-temporal flow structure investigation of near-wall turbulence by means of Multiplane stereo Particle Image Velocimetry » download «
» C. J. Kähler, M. Stanislas and J. Kompenhans

Investigation of the development of streamwise vortices from a VG in APG separation control using PIV » download «
» K. Angele and F. Grewe


Molecular phototheraml-velocimeter of high spatial resolution by partially crossed probing » download «
» N. Nakatani

Ultrasound - another wave for probing a flow » download «
» Y. Takeda

Effect of measurement volume on turbulent flow measurement using ultrasonic Doppler method » download «
» H. Kikura, G. Yamanaka and M. Aritomi


Turbulent flow through a plane sudden expansion » download «
» M. Escudier, P. Oliveira and R. Poole

LDV and PIV measurements of the flow in a plane asymmetric diffuser » download «
» B. Lindgren, O Törnblom, and A. Johansson

Investigation of coherent structures in the backward-facing step flow using particle image velocimetry and continuous wavelet analysis » download «
» C. Schram, P. Rambaud and M. Riethmuller

Laminar viscoelastic flow through a plane sudden expansion » download «
» M. Escudier and R. Poole


Velocity field in the vicinity of a slot jet impinging a curved wall » download «
» V. Gillard and L.-E. Brizzi

Laser-doppler measurements of impinging jet flows through a crossflow » download «
» J. Barata and D. Durăo

Piv measurements with conditional sampling in axisymmetric impinging jets » download «
» A. Bilsky, O. Heinz, B. Ilyushin, P. Kaipov and D. Markovich

Application of Particle Image Velocimetry and Laser Doppler Anemometry to a STOVL ground vortex flow » download «
» J. Eyles, N. Lawson and K. Knowles


Direct measurement of the turbulence kinetic energy dissipation rate behind a grid and a circular cylinder » download «
» A. Ducci, E. Konstantinidis, S. Balabani and M. Yianneskis

Acceleration measurement using the laser Doppler technique » download «
» B. Lehmann; H. Nobach and C. Tropea

Direct Laser-Doppler Measurement of Spatial Velocity Difference for Gradient and Vorticity Analysis » download «
» B. Lehmann

Measurement of local wall shear stress by extended laser Doppler method using dual spherical waves » download «
» K. Shirai, S. Obi and S. Masuda


PIV investigation of a planar compressible wake flow » download «
» F. Scarano and B. W. van Oudheusden.

LDA measurements of the flow and turbulence structures in the wake of a simplified car model » download «
» S. Becker and H. Lienhart

Relationship between Fourier-modes and spatial-structures in a cavity - boundary layer interaction at moderate Reynolds numbers » download «
» F. Rambert, P. Lusseyran, P. Gougat, Y. Fraigneau, A. Elcafsi and G. Quénot

Effect of a streamwise oscillating cylinder on a downstream cylinder wake » download «
» S. J. Xu and Y. Zhou

A PIV on the interaction between a forward-facing step and turbulent boundary layer; application to a papermaking machine » download «
» H. Eloranta, T. Hsu, T. Wei and P. Saarenrinne

Session 35- CONVECTION

Temperature and velocity fields in natural convection by PIV and LIF » download «
» K. Meyer, P. Larsen, C. Westergaard and F. Guillard

Measurement of transient supercritical fluid velocity using infrared pulse laser with high-speed camera » download «
» J. Ota, K. Okamoto, K. Sakurai and H. Madarame

Flow visualization in a large-scale Rayleigh-Bénard-experiment » download «
» R. du Puits, C. Resagk and A. Thess

Session 36- MIXING IN JETS

Mixing in coaxial confined jets of large velocity ratio » download «
» M. Lima and J. Palma

PIV application to mach 3.75 overexpanded jet » download «
» A. Jerónimo, M. L. Riethmuller and O. Chazot

Investigation of plane mixing layer - wake interaction by means of two 2D PIV planes and of POD » download «
» C. Braud, D. Heitz, P. Braud, G. Arroyo and J. Delville

Measurement of velocity and density fields in a supersonic jet » download «
» M. Alkislar, L. Lourenço and A. Krothapalli

Experimental study of turbulent, 2-D, vertical jets shallow water » download «
» P. Espa and A. Frattini


Aerodynamic performance investigation of a Rib Roughened Cooling Channel Flow with high blockage ratio » download «
» L. Casarsa and T. Arts

Simultaneous PIV- and pressure measurements upstream and downstream of a fence » download «
» R. Sonnenberger

Turbulence and mixing around a submerged obstacle subject to regular waves » download «
» A. Balzano and G. Querzoli

Analysis on flow around a rectangular cube by means of LDA, PIV and the numerical simulation by PCC method -in the case of inclined cube » download «
» T. Nomura, Y. Takahashi, T. Kamiya, T. Ishima and T. Obokata

Session 38- ENGINES

Emission reabsorption laser induced fluorescence (ERELIF) measurement of film thickness » download «
» D. Hart and C. Hidrovo

Application of planar doppler velocimetry within piston engine cylinders » download «
» C. Willert, R.Schodl, I. Roehle, O. Dingel and T. Seidel

In-cylinder turbulence measurements with a spark plug-in fiber LDV » download «
» B. Kim, M. Kaneko, M. Mitani, Y. Ikeda and T. Nakajima

Transient temperature measurement of unburned gas in an engine cylinder using fiber-optic heterodyne interferometry » download «
» N. Kawahara, E. Tomita, H. Kamakura and M. Ichimiya

An optical sensor instrumented in spark plug for in-situ fuel concentration measurement in an engine cylinder by 3.39 µm infrared absorption method » download «
» E. Tomita, N. Kawahara, M. Shigenaga, S. Yoshiyama, Y. Hamamoto, A. Kakuho, T. Itoh and R. Dibble

Quantitative measurements of the soot distribution in a realistic common D.I. diesel engine » download «
» A. Greis, G. Grünefeld, M. Becker and S. Pischinger



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