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9:00-10:30 - Amphitheatre 2
  • Welcoming Remarks
  • Invited lecture: F. DURST, “Fluid Mechanics Developments and advancements in the 20th Century”
  • Invited Lecture: H. MACDONALD, “Wind Tunnels in Flight”

10:30-10:50 Coffee Break


10:50-12:45 - Amphitheatre 2
  • Light-in-Flight holography with switched reference beams for cross-correlation in deep volume PIV
    S. F. Herrmann, M. Geiger, K. H. Hinsch and J. Peinke
  • 3-DPTV Experiments of anomalous, steady transport of a conservative tracer in homogeneous and heterogeneous porous media
    A. Cenedese and M. Moroni
  • Tunneling Velocimetry: consilience comes to the study of fluid dynamics
    M. Funes-Gallanzi
  • Comparision of PIV and SPIV in application to industrial spray burner
    V. Palero, Y. Ikeda, T. Nakajima and J. Shakal
  • Development of Fiber-Bundle-Image-Guided PIV
    N. Tani, M. Mori, K. Hishida and M. Maeda


10:50-12:45 - Room 1
  • Estimation of the spectral density function from randomly sampled LDA data
    M.J. Tummers and D.M. Passchier
  • Experimental verification of novel spectral analysis algorithms for laser Doppler Anemometry data
    P. Gjelstrup, H. Nobach, F. E. Jorgensen and K. E. Meyer
  • A wavelet based method for the estimation of the power spectrum from irregular sampled data
    O. Kaleva, H. Ihalainem and P. Saarenrinne
  • The accuracy of time series analysis for laser-doppler velocimetry
    P.M.T. Broersen and S. de Waele
  • A global concept of auto-correlation and power spectral density estimation from LDA data sets
    H. Nobach


10:50-12:45 - Room 5
  • In-flight boundary layer investigations on a airplane wing using LDA measuring techniques
    S. Becker, H. Lienhart and F. Durst
  • Range and accuracy of a laser-Doppler anemometer for in-flight measurements
    E. G. Grosche, N. Pape, H. Müller, V. Strunck and D. Dopheide
  • Investigation of the supersonic flow field around a delta wing using particle-image-velocimetry
    N. Lang
  • LDV measurements on wing/engine interferences
    C. Egbers, W. Beyer, M. Mahnken and U. Milde
  • Behaviour of trailing vortices in the vicinity of the ground
    G. Pailhas, X. de Saint Victor and Y. Touvet

12:45-14:15 Lunch Break


14:15-16:00 - Amphitheatre 2
  • TSI

16:00-16:20 Coffee Break


16:20-18:00 - Amphitheatre 2
  • Comparison between asymmetric and symmetric stereoscopic DPIV system
    S. Coudert, J. Westerweel and T. Fournel
  • Distortion Compensation for PIV Systems
    A. Naqwi
  • Stereoscopic particle-image velocimetry (PIV): A new approach using telecentry lenses
    R. Konrath and W. Schroder
  • A comparative study of stereoscopic PIV and LDV measurements on a lobed jet mixing flow
    T. Saga, H. Hu, T. Kobayashi, M. Yasuki and T. Higashiyama
  • Measurements of flow around of inclined jets by stereoscopic PIV
    T. Nishimura, S. Inaba, K. Hishida and M. Maeda
  • Investigation of wall bounded flows by means of multiple plane stereo PIV
    C. J. Kähler and M. Stanislas


16:20-18:00 - Room 1
  • Directional laser Dopper velocimeter using two-color diode-pumped fibre laser
    J. Czarske
  • 3-Component-Doppler-laser-two-focus velocimetry applied to a transonic centrifugal compressor
    R. Schodl, W. Förster, G. Karpinsky and J. Röhle
  • Miniature and micro-Doppler sensors
    D. Modarress
  • Two-focus chirp laser Doppler velocimeter using a powerful fibre-coupled green Nd:YAG ring laser
    J. Czarske
  • A new optical technique for the generation of LDA-quadrature signals
    N. Kurihara, H. Müller, R. Kramer, G. Grosche and D. Dopheide
  • Development of a LDV probe for velocity measurements in a 600 MW pulverized coal power plant
    J-M. Most, P. Trouillet, P. Mandin, F. Marchand, C. Le-Masson, P. Witwicki and D. Rampelberg


16:20-18:00 - Room 5
  • Turbulent wake behind a single element wing in ground effect
    X. Zhang and J. Zerihan
  • Laser Doppler anemometry investigation on sub boundary layer vortex generators for low control
    J. G. Betterton, K. C. Hackett, P. R. Ashill, I. J. Woodcock, C. P. Tilman and K. J. Langan
  • Application of laser Doppler velocimetry to unsteady flow around rotating blades
    E. Berton, D. Favier and C. Maresca
  • Application of 3D laser Doppler anemometry for flow measurements close to the surface of a high lift airfoil configuration
    T. J. Müller, A. Wiedemann and K. A. Bütefisch
  • The laser-Doppler-velocimeter used in the ISL shock tunnel for nozzle flow velocity diagnostics
    F. Seiler and A. George
  • Underexpanded sonic jets: A PIV study
    K. B. Yuceil, M. V. Otugen and E. Arik

20:00-23:00 SYMPOSIUM BANQUET AT THE ELECTRICITY MUSEUM, BELEM - Buses leave hotels at 7:30PM



09:00-10:00 - Amphitheatre 2
  • Invited Lecture: GARY LEAL, “Optical Studies of Complex Fluids”

10:00-10:20 Coffee Break


10:20-12:45 - Amphitheatre 2
  • An imaging PIV/PTV system for analyzing turbulent bubbly flows
    D. Bröder and M. Sommerfeld
  • Measurement of spray flow by an improved interferometric laser imaging droplet sizing (ILIDS) system
    T. Kobayashi, T. Kawaguci and M. Maeda
  • Assessment of particle characterization via phase Doppler anemometry and automated particle image analysis techniques
    J. T. Kashdan, J. S. Shrimpton, A. Whybrew and H. Booth
  • Experimental study of droplets in evaporating regime by 2D MIE scattering analysis
    R. Calabria and P. Massoli
  • SHIVA: A spaceflight holography investigation in a virtual apparatus
    J. D. Trolinger, W. Witherow and J. Rogers
  • Two dimensional imaging of sizes and number densities of nanoscaled particles
    H. Geitlinger, T. Streibel, R. Suntz and H. Bockhorn


10:20-12:45 - Room 1
  • Investigation of the mixing process in an axisymmetric turbulent jet using PIV and LIF
    C. Fukushima, L. Aanen and J. Westerweel
  • An Investigation of a low Strouhal number oscillatory jet submerged in a thin rectangular cavity
    N. J. Lawson and M. R. Davidson
  • LDA - measurements of jets in crossflow for effusion-cooling applications
    K.M. Bernhard Gustafsson
  • Characterisation of confinement and impingement effects on the near field of axisymmetric jets using LDA and PIV
    I. Serres, C. Chauveau, B. Sarh and I. Gokalp
  • PIV measurements in co-flowing jets subjected to axial forcing vorticity and strain field structure
    U. Ruiz-Rivas, A. Lecuona, P. Rodriguez and J. Nogueira
  • The effect of a cylinder on the velocity field at the outlet of a circular jet measured by PIV and PTV
    A. Mauti, A.J. Faber and G. Romano
  • An imaging PIV/PTV system for analyzing turbulent bubbly flows LDV measurements in a plasma discharge
    O. Chazot and M. Carbonaro


10:20-12:45 - Room 5
  • Quantitative imaging of large-scale structures and molecular mixing in gaseous free shear flows
    T. R. Meyer, J. C. Dutton and R. P. Lucht
  • Laser induced iodine fluorescence applied to confined supersonic mixing
    M. Havermann
  • Characterization of a supersonic flowfield using different laser based techniques
    U. Brummund and F. Scheel
  • Measurement of H2O and CO2 concentration by laser induced plasma fluorescence
    S. Hirai, H. Kawakami, L. Tamreen, T. Itoh and K. Okazaki
  • Laser sheet CT-scan 2-D instantaneous concentration meter with application of wavelet transform technique
    M. Hino and Y. Sato
  • Evolution of the PDF of a high Schmidt number passive scalar in a plane wake
    H. Rehab, L. Djenidi and R. A. Antonia
  • On the accuracy of scalar dissipation measurements by laser Rayleigh Scattering
    P. Ferrão, M. V. Heitor and R. Salles

12:45-14:15 Lunch Break


14:15-16:00 - Amphitheatre 2
  • Analysis of PIV interrogation for inhomogeneous image fields
    J. Westerweel
  • PIV: Direct cross-correlation compared with FFT-based cross-correlation
    O. Pust
  • Use of wavelet analysis to the PIV algorithm
    J. Raposo, W. Hentschel and W. Merzkirch
  • Accuracy improvements in particle image velocimetry algorithms
    S. T. Wereley and C. D. Meinhart
  • True resolution PIV: A mesh-free second order accurate algorithm
    L. M. Lourenco and A. Krothapalli
  • An improved cross-correlation method for (digital) particle image velocimetry
    W. Weng, G. Liao and W. Fan


14:15-16:00 - Room 1
  • Optical flow velocimetry inside an entrained cavity
    A. Rambert, A. Elcafsi and P. Gougat
  • Flow field characterization within a rectangular cavity
    M.J. Esteve, P. Reulet and P. Millan
  • Temporal analysis of coherent structures in a turbulent BFS flow with PIV
    F. Scarano and M. L. Riethmuller
  • Stereoscopic PIV adapted to gravity wave analysis
    J. Lengricht, K. U. Graw and H. Kronewetter
  • The effects of wall inclination on an inclined offset jet
    A. Nasr and J.C.S. Lai
  • Benchmark for measurements in a quasi two dimensional diffuser with a high inlet turbulence level
    K. Eisele, A. Öngören and M.V. Casey


14:15-16:00 - Room 5
  • Demonstration of applicability of pattern image densitometry (PID)
    H. Richard, M. Rein, G. E. A. Meier, J. Kompenhans and M.Raffel
  • Density field measurement by digital laser speckle photography
    M. Kawahashi and H. Hirahara
  • Laser photothermal velocimeter with the differential interferometer using orthogonally polarized light source of modulated LD
    N. Nakatani
  • Transient temperature measurement of unburned gas using optic heterodyne interferometry
    N. Kawahara, E. Tomita and H. Kamakura
  • Characterization of high-enthalpy arcjet flows using two-photon LIF
    D. G. Fletcher
  • Advanced interferometric technique and automatic data processing of optical image for fluid mechanics and combustion research
    V. S.Abrukov, I. V. Andreev and I. G.Kocsheev

16:00-16:20 Coffee Break


16:20-18:00 - Amphitheatre 2
  • Optimized hierarchical processing algorithms for imaging velocimetry applications in 2 and 3 dimensions
    G. Delerce and A. Fincham
  • Extension of PIV to super resolution using PTV
    A. Stitou and M. L. Riethmuller
  • Particle imaging velocimetry (PIV) in partially premixed laminar flames: Development of a new post processing algorithm
    N. Larass, A. Boukhalfa, M. Trinité, D. Honoré and P. F. Miquel
  • Post-processing of PIV records to allow derivative computation
    J. M. Foucaut, J. Carlier and M. Stanislas
  • Interactive software for turbulence analysis from PIV vector data
    M. Piirto, H. Eloranta and P. Saarenrinne
  • Lagrangian analysis of passive tracers dispersion in a confined convective flow
    S. Espa and G. Querzoli


16:20-18:00 - Room 1
  • An advanced signal processor for laser Doppler and phase Doppler applications
    B. Lehmann and J. Helbig
  • Local acquisition of mean and turbulent fluid acceleration in highly turbulent flow by the means of laser-Doppler velocimetry
    L. Berkner and A. Naqwi
  • Preliminary diagnostic testing of LDA data-sets
    H. R. E. van Maanen
  • Development of a LDV bench for measuring acoustic particle velocities in enclosed or free fields
    S. Poggi, B. Gazengel, A.-M. Bruneau and P. Rouquier
  • Ultrasound measurement by laser Doppler anemometry
    P.C.M. Galloway, Y. Hardalupas, I. Prassas and D. Farnborough
  • Maximum likelihood approaches for sound field measurement using LDV
    C. Mellet and J.-C. Valiere


16:20-18:00 - Room 5
  • Development of the phosphor thermometry technique for applications in gas turbines
    J.P. Feist and A.L. Heyes
  • Investigation of heat transfer phenomena during direct contact condensation by means of linear Raman spectroscopy
    M. Goldbrunner
  • Application of pressure sensitive paint (PSP) for determination of the pressure field of models in a windtunnel
    C. Klein, R. H. Engler, S. D. Fonov and O. Trinks
  • Visualization study on chemical reacting flow using LIF
    T. Sasaki, K. Okamoto and H. Masarame
  • Point and planar LIF for velocity-concentration correlations in a jet in cross flow
    K. E. Meyer, O. Özcan, P. S. Larsen, P. Gjelstrup and C. Westergaard
  • High temperature in-situ IR laser absorption CO-sensor for combustion control
    A. J. Faber and R. Koch



09:00-10:00 - Amphitheatre 2
  • Invited Lecture: M. KIYA, “Challenging Issues in Separated and Complex Turbulent Flows”

10:00-10:20 Coffee Break


10:20-12:45 - Amphitheatre 2
  • Superimposed monochromatic probe volumes to extend the phase Doppler anemometry size range
    F. Onofri
  • Simultaneous measurement of velocity and particle size profiles with the reference beam technique
    M. Borys, V. Strunk, H. Müller and D.Dopheide
  • A phase Doppler system for high concentration sprays
    C. Fandrey, A. Naqwi, J. Shakal and H. Zhang
  • Generic formulation of a generalized Lorenz-Mie theory for pulsed laser illumination
    G. Gouesbet and G. Grehan
  • Generalized Lorenz-Mie theory for a sphere with an eccentrically located spherical inclusion and optical chaos
    G. Gouesbet, S. Meunier-Guttin-Cluzel and G.Grehan
  • Measurement and Prediction of the Gaussian beam effect in the phase Doppler technique
    A. Araneo, D. Damaschke and C. Tropea


10:20-12:45 - Room 1
  • Measurement of micro mixing in a tubular reactor using a four-dimensional laser induced fluorescence technique
    E. van Vliet, J.J. Derksen and H.E.A. van den Akker
  • Laser-Optical Observation of Chaotic Mixing Structure in a Stirred Vessel
    T. Makino, T. Kaise, N. Ohmura and K. Kataoka
  • Investigation of a large scale horizontal coherent structures in a wide compound channel
    B.C. van Prooijen and R. Booij
  • An experimental whole field measurement of confined swirling flow with vortex breakdown
    L. Yingzheng
  • Stereoscopic PIV measurement on the lobed jet mixing flows
    H. Hui, T. Saga, T. Kobayashi, N. Taniguchi and S. Segawa
  • Investigation of the flow in a flat bottom cyclone
    B. Chiné and F. Concha
  • 3D Vortex structures in stratified rotating fluids
    A. Fincham

22 ENGINES - 1

10:20-12:45 - Room 5
  • PIV/PTV measurements within a water analog engine
    D. Fetter and P. Sullivan
  • A technique for routine cycle-resolved 2-D flow measurement and visualisation within SI engine cylinders in an engine development environment
    M. Reeves, D.P. Towers, B. Tavender and C. H. Buckberry
  • Length scale measurements in an engine using PIV and comparison with LDV
    G. Josefsson and H. Jonsson
  • On the magnitude of cyclic variation in a motored optical engine
    N. Hill, P. Asadamongkon, K. C. Lee and M.Yianneskis
  • In-cylinder flow measurement in a spark ignition transparent engine using PIV and Stereoscopic PIV
    P-O. Calendini, T. Duverger, A. Lecerf and M. Trinité
  • Spatial evaluation of in-cylinder turbulence flow using high-resolution PIV
    M. Kaneko, Y. Ikeda and T. Nakajima
  • Analysis of the dynamical behavior of coherent structures in flows of internal combustion engines
    J. Raposo and W. Hentschel

12:45-14:15 Lunch Break


14:15-16:00 - Amphitheatre 2
  • Phase Doppler anemometer for instantaneous measurements of droplet concentration
    Y. Hardalupas and S. Horender
  • Drops distributions and flux measurements in sprays using PDA techniques
    I. V. Roisman and C. Tropea
  • Soot volume fraction characterization using the laser-induced incandescence detection method
    D. R. Snelling, G. J. Smallwood, O. Gülder, W. D. Bachalo and S. Sankar
  • Comparision of numerical studies characterizing optical properties of soot aggregates for improved exsca measurements
    P. Van-Hulle, M. Weill, M. Talbaut-Haudiquert and A. Copalle
  • Global rainbow thermometry for average temperature measurement of spray droplets
    J. P. A. J. Beeck, D. Giannoulis, L. Zimmer and M. L. Riethmuller
  • Dual-beam rainbow refractometry and its application to the temperature measurement of liquid drops
    C. Fandrey, S. Isvik, A. Naqwi and J. Shakal


14:15-16:00 - Room 1
  • Investigation of structures of the late non-linear boundary layer transition using Stereo PIV
    A. Schröder and J. Kompenhans
  • PIV studies of coherent structures in turbulent boundary layer flows
    K. Angele and B. Muhammad-Klingmann
  • Energetic spanwise modes in a turbulent boundary layer
    C.D. Tomkins and R. J. Adrian
  • Structure of Wall-Eddies at Reo>106
    S. E. Hommema and R. J. Adrian
  • High signal-to-noise ratio LDV measurements of pipe flow at low-moderate Reynolds number
    F. Esposito, E. Nino and C. Serio
  • LDA measurements of traditional flows in a large refractive index matched flow facility
    S. Becker, C. Stoots, H. Lienhart, F. Durst and D. McEligot

25 ENGINES - 2

14:15-16:00 - Room 5
  • Flow characteristics inside liquid phase in an evaporating diesel spray by means of PIV
    H. Fujimoto, T. Tanaka, K. Ashida, Y.-K. Yoem and J. Senda
  • Investigation of in-cylinder soot formation and oxidation by means of two-dimensional laser-induced incandescence (LII)
    S. Schraml, C. Heimgärtner, C. Fettes and A. Leipertz
  • Computer tomography of infra-red absorption and its application to internal-combustion engines
    H. Kawazoe and J. H. Whitelaw
  • Laser-induced incandescence and Rayleigh scattering measurements of particle-matter size and volume fraction changes during passage through a dilution tunnel
    P. O. Witze and R. M. Green
  • Spark plug-in fiber LDV for turbulent intensity measurement
    Y. Ikeda
  • Sensor developed of CO2 gas temperature and concentration using 2 DFB semiconductor laser
    Y. Ikeda, D-H. Chung G-M. Choi, K. Fukuzato and T. Nakajima

16:00-16:20 Coffee Break


16:20-18:00 - Amphitheatre 2
  • Combined PLIF and PIV laser imaging measurements of heat release effects at the small scales of turbulent reacting flows
    J. A. Mullin and W. J.A. Dahm
  • Flame front tracking and simultaneous flow field visualisation in turbulent combustion
    J. Hult, M. Aldén, C. Kaminski and G. Josefsson
  • Planar laser induced fluorescence in a turbulent premixed flame to analyse large eddy simulation models
    R. Knikker, D. Veynante and J. C. Rolon
  • Experimental caracterization of non-premixed hydrogen-oxygen flames by LDV and tomography measurements
    J. L. Beduneau, A. Boukhalfa and G. Cabot
  • Fluorescence spectroscopic measurements in CH4 -air fluorescence and H2 -O2 atmospheric pressure flames in the excitation range of 40.000 cm-1 to 40.600 cm-1 and 37.450 cm-1 to 38.600 cm-1
    R. Stocker, J. Karl and D. Hein
  • Flame characterization by PIV in microgravity conditions
    J-M. Most, A. Most, A. Susset, J. Baillargeat and P. Joulain


16:20-18:00 - Room 1
  • Near-wall investigation of embedded streamwise vortex pairs
    D. D. Kuhl and R. L. Simpson
  • Turbulent boundary layer manipulation by longitudinal embedded vortices
    M. Onorato
  • Visualization of wall turbulence under artificial disturbance by piezo actuator array
    T. Segawa, P. Li, Y. Kawaguchi and H. Yoshida
  • Visualization of large scale structures in a turbulent flow over waves
    A. Guenther and R. von Rohr
  • Turbulent structure in a drag-reducing channel flow with surfactant additives investigated by PIV system
    P. Li, Y. Kawaguchi, T. Segawa and A. Yabe
  • Near-wall turbulence structure in the plane turbulent wall jet
    J. G. Eriksson and R. I. Karlsson


16:20-18:00 - Room 5
  • Experimental investigation of turbine wake flow by interferometrically triggered LDV-measurements
    N. Mayrhofer, H. Lang and J. Woisetschldger
  • Pattern image densitometry (PID) and particle image velocimetry (PIV) for transonic turbine blade investigations
    S. Loose, T. Dewhirst and M. Raffel
  • PIV investigation of the internal flow structure in a centrifugal pump impeller
    N. Pedersen and C. B. Jacobsen
  • Study of flow pattern in vaneless diffuser of centrifugal compressor using PIV
    N. Hayashi, I. Ariga and M. Koyama
  • The internal flow investigation of a centrifugal pump
    A. Akhras, M. El Hajem, R. Morel and J. Champagne
  • Flow measurement around a fan volute tongue using particle tracking velocimetry
    S. Tsujita, M. Hamada, T. Sakai and A. Whitfield
  • LDV measurements of wake-induced unsteady flow within a turbine rotor cascade
    T. Matsunuma and Y. Tsutsui

20:00 - 23:00 SYMPOSIUM DINNER AT THE “ESTUFA FRIA”, LISBON - Buses leave hotels at 7:30PM




09:00-10:00 - Amphitheatre 2
  • Invited Lecture: R. BILGER, “Combustion Models and Practices”

10:00 - 10:20 Coffee Break


10:20-12:45 - Amphitheatre 2
  • Study of a lifted-jet flame using a stereoscopic PIV system
    D. Han, L. K. Su, M. G. Mungal and R. K. Menon
  • Bunsen flame analysis using simultaneous tomographic images and PIV in the fresh and burnt gases
    B. Jeanne, E. Samson, B. Renou and A. Boukhalfa
  • Observation of flame propagation in a premixed-spray stagnation flow
    H. Saitoh, S. Tsushima, M. Negoro, F. Akamatsu and M. Katsuki
  • Multi-intensity-layer PIV application to a practical burner
    N. Yamada, Y. Ikeda and T. Nakajima
  • Measurements of instantaneous 2-D velocity field and local chemiluminescence in a premixed-spray flame by PIV and MICRO system
    S. Tsushima, M. Negoro, H. Saitoh, M. Fuchihata, F. Akamatsu and M. Katsuki
  • Application of a new diagnostic method to observe pre-ignition phenomena of self igniting droplets
    T. Bolik, J. König, C. Eigenbrod and H. J. Rath


10:20-12:45 - Room 1
  • Combined PDA and LDV measurements: Phase discrimination inside a spray using fluorescent seeding particles
    G. Rottenkolber, R. Meier, O. Schäfer, S. Wachter, K. Dullenkopf and S. Wittig
  • Experimental analysis of the response of a PDA system to a polydisperse GDI spray
    G. Wigley, J. Heathand and A. Whybrew
  • Structure of gasoline and diesel engine sprays
    C. Arcoumanis and J. S. Shrimpton
  • Assessment of pulsed gasoline fuel sprays by means of quantitative and qualitative laser-based diagnostic methods
    D. Robart, S. Breuer, W. Reckers and R. Kneer
  • Planar velocity measurements of the gas phase in dense sprays by flow tagging
    S. Kruger and G. Grunefeld
  • Characterization of evaporating electrosprays and planar deposition
    J. S. Shrimpton, K. L. Choy and M. Wei
  • Flow visualization of an accoustically excited 2-D liquid sheet
    E. C. Fernandes, M. V. Heitor and S. Sivadas


10:20-12:45 - Room 5
  • Turbulence characteristics in particle laden water jet injected into water tank by means of PDA and PIV
    I. M. Youssef, T. Ishima, T. Shimokawara and T. Obokata
  • Application of laser diagnostics on particle technology processes
    C. Egbers, J-R. Schmidt, B. Günther, M. Zell and M. Meier
  • LDA/PDA measurements of particulate flow through a pipe trifurcator
    J. M. M. Sousa and J. C. F. Pereira
  • Influence of mass loading and inter-particle collisions on particle dispersion in a recirculating flow geometry
    J. Borée, T. Ishima, P. Fanouillere and I. Flour
  • Simultaneous measurement of gas and particles velocities at Mach 5
    G. Losfeld, F. Micheli, M. Pérotto and D. Soulevant
  • Velocity distributions measured by PTV at the interface in a W-in-O two phase flow
    T. Uemura, M. Yamauchi and N. Yonehara
  • Jet Deflection Characterisation in an Annular Flow
    M. Birouk, M. Menacer, G. Ishaq and A. Aroussi

12:45 - 14:15 Lunch Break


14:15-16:00 - Amphitheatre 2
  • Effect of strain rate on NOx reduction in an opposed impinging jet flame combustor
    S. Lim, Y. Yoon and I. Seuck Jeung
  • Measurements of the planar velocity and temperature structure for the characterization of a bluff-body burner
    D. Most, M. Raisch, F. Dinkelacker and A. Leipertz
  • PIV measurements in a lean-premixed swirl-stabilized combustor
    J. A. Alfaro, A. Lecuona, P. A. Rodriguez, J. I. Nogueira and B. Lizaro
  • A laser Doppler analysis of the influence of flow boundary conditions on the performance of a model lean-premixed combustor
    P. M. Anacleto and M. V. Heitor
  • LIF and FTIR measurements of temperature and species concentrations for partially-premixed methane/air combustion in a domestic idealized boiler
    L. Brenez, J-P. Martin, A. Soufiani and J.C. Rolon
  • LDV measurements in the nozzle region of a confined double annular burner: statistical analysis and model evaluation
    F. Schmitt, C. Hirsch and B. K. Hazarika


14:15-16:00 - Room 1
  • Fully developed turbulent flow of non-Newtonian liquids through a square duct
    M. P. Escudier and S. Smith
  • Velocities measurements for pressurized water reactor research using PIV-CFD
    J. Stefanini, G. Mignot, V. Saldo, G. Baroi and T. Conte
  • Spatio-temporal reconstruction of the unsteady wake of axi-symmetric bluff bodies via time-recording DPIV
    C. Bruecker
  • The effect of the expansion ratio on a turbulent non Newtonian recirculating flow
    A. S. Pereira and F. T. Pinho
  • Asymmetric diverging flow and energy losses on a 90 o tee junction
    R. Maia, F. T. Pinho, M. F. Proença, N. Pereira Costa and A. Schulte
  • Vortex lock-on phenomena due to pulsating flow in a tube array
    E. Konstantinidis, S. Balabani and M. Yianneskis


14:15-16:00 - Room 5
  • Identification and minimization of errors in Doppler global velocimetry measurements
    J. Meyers and J.W. Lee
  • Application of phase-averaging Doppler global velocimetry to engine exhaust flows
    C. Willert, E. Bluemcke, M. Beversdorff and W. Unger
  • Doppler global velocimetry in flames using a new developed, frequency stabilized, tunable, long pulse YAG-laser
    M. Fisher, J. Heinze, K. Malthias and I. Rohle
  • A robust magnetic resonance imager for measurements of fluid physics phenomena
    B. Ovryn, A. Caprihan, S. A. Altobelli, J. D. Seymour and C. Fukushima
  • PTV Application to the study of internal waves generated by penetrative convection
    A. Cenedese and G. Mancini
  • Investigation of small-scale wall near flow structures using NO-tagging
    J. von Saldern, S. Doose, C. Orlemann and C. Schulz

16:00-16:20 Coffee Break 


16:20-18:00 - Amphitheatre 2
  • Measurement of the periodic flow of an enclosed lean premixed prevaporized stagnation flame
    O. Schaefer, R. Koch and S. Wittig
  • Flow-acoustic interactions for unsteady conditions in a swirl combustor
    J. A. Fitzpatrick, S. Galvin, C. Meskell and J. Hiltner
  • Diagnostics of combustion instabilities through frequency analysis of high-speed-LIF image sequences
    O. Essmann, C. Eigenbrod, J. König, O. Henrichs, H. J. Rath, G. Poeschl and S. Hoffman
  • The influence of confinement on the turbulence structure and coupling mechanisms responsible for Helmholtz oscillations
    J. R. Dawson, N. Syred, C. Bates and T. O’Doherty
  • Fluid image velocimetry of the flow in the recirculation zone of a bluff body stabilized and controlled burner
    B. Golovanevsky and Y. Levy
  • Experimental study of flame-wall transfer by Particle Imaging Velocimetry technique
    F. Foucher, S. Burnel, P. Higelin and C. Mounaim-Rouselle
  • Research of application of coherent anti-stokes Raman spectroscopy on combustion in rocket engine
    M. Li, Y. Zhao and J. Zhou


16:20-18:00 - Room 1
  • PIV applied to landslide generated impulse waves
    H. M. Fritz
  • Rough-surface gravity current flows
    W. D. Peters and J. E. S. Venart
  • Measurements of velocities and accelerations in steep irregular water waves
    A. Jensen, M. Huseby, J. K. Sveen and J. Grue
  • Optical characterisation of surface and interface waves in liquid metal-water layers using PIV and laser vibrometer techniques
    C. Resagk, J. Grabow and U. Schellenberger
  • Flow measurements in a simulated estuary bed
    M. Costa, S. Teixeira and J. C. F Teixeira


16:20-18:00 - Room 5
  • • Bubble sizing by interferometric laser imaging
    Y. Kamiya, Y. Niwa, T. Kawaguchi and M. Maeda
  • Application of PIV/LIF and shadow-image to a bubble rising in a linear shear flow field
    A. Fujiwara, A. Tokuhiro and K. Hishida
  • Liquid PIV measurements around a single gas slug rising through stagnant liquid in vertical pipes
    S. Nogueira, I. Dias, A. M. F. R. Pinto and M. L. Riethmuller
  • Instantaneous whole field measurement of velocity and size of air microbubbles in two-phase flows using DDPIV
    F. Pereira, M. Gharib, D. Dabiri and D. Modarress
  • Comparison of PIV and LDA measurement methods applied to the gas-liquid flow in a bubble column
    N. Deen, B. Hjertager and T. Solberg
  • A mono-modal fiber-optics velocimeter for electrochemically-generated bubbles
    R. Wedin, L. Davoust, A. Cartellier and A. Dahlkild



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