List of Submitted Abstracts for the

10th International Symposium on Applications of Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics


Some Application of Laser Techniques to fluid Mechanics

J-M.Most, A. Most, A. Susset, J. Baillargeat and P. Joulain

Flame Characterization by PIV in Microgravity Conditions


Experimental caracterization of non-premixed Hydrogen-Oxygen flames by LDV and Tomography measurements.

V.S.Abrukov, Ilya V. Andreev, Igor G.Kocsheev

Advanced Interferometric Technique and Automatic Data Processing of Optical Image for Fluid Mechanics and Combustion Research

Scott E. Hommema and Ronald J. Adrian

Structure of Wall-Eddies at ReØ>106

C.D. Tomkins and R. J. Adrian

Energetic spanwise modes in a turbulent boundary layer

R.J.Adrian, Z. Deng, C. D. Tomkins

Experimental investigation of a turbulent channel flow with a fully transpired wall using particle image velocimetry technique

I. Avrahami, M.Rosenfeld, S. Einav and K. Affeld

The Flow Field inside the Berlin Ventricle Assist Device

J. A. García, L.M. Cerecedo, E. Calvo, J. I. García-Palacín and L. A. Aísa

Particle concentration and local mass flux measurements in two phase flows with PDA. Application to a study on the dispersion of spherical particles in a turbulent air jet

J.A. Alfaro, A. Lecuona, P.A. Rodriguez, J.I.Nogueira and B. Lázaro

PIV measurements in a lean-premixed swirl-stabilized combustor

Kristian Angele and Barbro Muhammad-Klingmann

PIV studies of choerent structures in turbulent boundary layer flows

C. Arcoumanis and J. S. Shrimpton

Structure of Gasoline and Diesel Engine Sprays

D.R. Snelling, G. J. Smallwood, Ömer L.Gülder, William D. Bachalo and S. Sankar

Soot Volume Fraction Characterization Using the Laser-Induced Incandescence Detection Method

S. Becker, H. Lienhart, and F. Durst

In-flight boundary layer investigations on a Airplane Wing using LDA measuring techniques

B. Lehmann, and J. Helbig

An Advanced Signal Processor for Laser Doppler and Phase Doppler Applications

J G Betterton, K C Hackett, P R Ashill, I J Woodcock, C P Tilman, K J Langan

Laser Doppler Anemometry Investigation on Sub Boundary Layer Vortex Generators For FLow Control

M. Birouk, M. Menacer, G. Ishaq, A.Aroussi

Jet Deflection Characterisation in an Annular Flow

T. Bolik, J. könig, Ch. Eigenbrod and H.J. Rath

Application of a new diagnostic method to observe pre-ignition phenomena of self igniting droplets

B.C. van Prooijen & R. Booij

Investigation of a large scale horizontal coherent structures in a wide compound channel

J. Borée, T. Ishima, P. Fanouillere, I. Flour

Influence of Mass loading and inter-particle collisions on particle dispersion in a recirculating flow geometry

M.Borys, V. Strunk, H. Müller, D.Dopheide

Simultaneous measurement of velocity and particle size profiles with the reference beam technique

B. Jeanne, E. Samson, B. Renou and A. Boukhalfa

Bunsen flame analysis using simultaneous tomographic images and PIV in the fresh and burnt gases

Lynda Brahmi, Jens König, Christian Eigenbrod, Hans J.Rath

Structure of a Buoyant Laminar Methane Co-Flow Diffusion Flame investigated by PIV and LIF of OH radical

M.J. Braun, D. Peloso, C.Daniels

An Investigation of the Shear and Pressure Flows Interaction in a Hydrostatic Bearing Pocket

P.M.T. Broersen, S. de Waele

The accuracy of tine series analysis for laser-doppler velocimetry

C. Bruecker

Spatio-temporal reconstruction of the unsteady wake

Uwe Brummund, Frithjof Scheel

Characterization of a supersonic flowfield using different laser based techniques

Chazot, O., Carbonaro, M.

LDV measurements in a plasma discharge

B.Chiné and F. Concha

Investigation of the flow in a flat bottom cyclone

MARIOS Christodoulou, Richard Eustace, Tony Smith, Charles W. Dennis

Velocity and Size Measurements of Aluminium Oxidase Particles.In the Exhaust of a Small Rocket Motor - A Feasibility Study

E. Chureev, Gleb Chuvpilo and Andrey Sahautdinov

Luminous Hydraulic Technologies

Cyril MELLET and Jean-Christophe VALIERE

Maximum likelihood approaches for sound field measurement using LDV

J. Czarske et al.

Directional Laser Dopper Velocimeter Using Two-Color Diode-Pumped Fibre Laser

J. Czarske et al.

Two-focus chirp laser Doppler velocimeter using a powerful fibre-coupled green Nd:YAG ring laser

John A. Mullin and Werner J.A. Dahm

Combined PLIF and PIV Laser Imaging Measurements of Heat Release Effects at the Small Scales of Turbulent Reacting Flows

R. Wedin, L. Davoust, A. Cartellier and A. Dahlkild


J.R. Dawson, N. Syred, C. Bates and T. O'Doherty

The Influence of Confinement on the Turbulence Structure and Coupling Mechanisms Responsible for Helmholtz Oscillations

F. De Gregorio, F. Di Felice, M. Masia, D. Tarica

Applicability of PIV in Large Circulating Channel

Niels G. Deen, Bjørn H. Hjertager and Tron Solberg

Comparison of PIV and LDA Measurement Methods Applied to the Gas-Liquid Flow in a Bubble Column


Optimized Hierarchical Processing Algorithms for Imaging Velocimetry Applications in 2 and 3 Dimensions

S. di Stasio, G. Valentino, F.E. Corcione

Instantaneous Velocity Field in Dense Diesel Sprays: Comparison of Different Experimental Techniques

D. Most, M. Raisch, F. Dinkelacker and A. Leipertz

Measurements of the planar Velocity and Temperature Structure for the Characterization of a Bluff-Body Burner

P-O. Calendini, T. Duverger, A. Lecerf and M. Trinite

In-cylinder flow measurement in a spark ignition transparent engine using PIV and Stereoscopic

C. Egbers, W. Beyer, M. Mahnken and U. Milde

LDV - measurements on wing/engine interferences

C.Egbers, J-R. Schmidt, B.Günther, M.Zell, Martin Meier

Application of laser diagnostics on particle technology processes

K.Eisele, A. Öngören, M.V.Casey

Benchmark for measurements in a quasi two dimensional diffuser with a high inlet turbulence level

El Hajem, Morel, Champagne, Vilagines, Pagnier



Fully developed turbulent flow of non-Newtonian liquids

Stefania Espa and Giorgio Querzoli



Flow field characterization within a rectangular cavity


PIV and LDV measurements complementary within rectangular cavity

C. Fechtmann, M. Mahnken and C.Egbers

Development of a miniaturized Lazer-Doppler-Anemometer for Model-Integration

E. C. Fernandes, M.V. Heitor and S. Sivadas

Flow visualization of an accoustical excited 2-D liquid sheet

P. Ferrão, M.V.Heitor and R. Salles

On the accuraccy of scalar dissipation measurements by laser Rayleigh Scatering


3D Vortex structures in stratified rotating fluids

J. A. Fitzpatrick, S. Galvin, C.Meskell and J. Hiltner

Flow-Acoustic Interactions for Unsteady Conditions in a Swirl Combustor

Douglas G. Fletcher

Characterization of High-Enthalpy Arcjet Flows Using Two-Photon LIF

J.M.Foucaut, J.Carlier and M. Stanislas

Post-processing of PIV records to allow derivative computation

Fabriche Foucher, Serge Burnel, Pascal Higelin, Christine Mounaim-Rouselle

Experimental study of flame-wall transfer by Particle Imaging Velocimetry Technique

F. Schmitt, Ch. Hirsch, B. K. Hazarika

LDV measurements in the nozzle region of a confined double annular burner: statistical analysis and model evaluation

Hermann M. Fritz

PIV applied to landslide generated impulse waves

H. Fujimoto, T. Tanaka, K. Ashida, Y.-K. Yoem, J. Senda

Flow Characteristics inside Liquid Phase in an Evaporating Diesel Spray by Means of PIV

C.Fukushima, L. Aanen and J. Westerweel

Investigation of the mixing process in an axisymmetric turbulent jet using PIV and LIF

M. Gasparetti, N.Paone, D.Olivari and G. Piersigilli

CFD Code Validation by LDA Measurements in an Ice Cabinet

H. Geitlinger, T. Streibel, R. Suntz and H. Bockhorn

Two dimensional imaging of sizes and number densities of nanoscaled particles

P. Gjelstrup, H. Nobach, F.E. Jorgensen, Knud Erik Meyer

Experimental verification of novel spectral analysis algorithms for laser Doppler Anemometry data

M. Goldbrunner

Investigation of Heat Transfer Phenomena during Direct Contact Condensation by Means of Linear Raman Spectroscopy

István Goricsán, János Vad, Balázs Tóth

Improvements in PALLAS technique applied to air pollutant concentration field studies

G. Gouesbet and G. Grehan

Generic formulation of a generalized Lorenz-Mie theory for pulsed laser illumination

G. Gouesbet, S. Meunier-Guttin-Cluzel, G.Grehan

Generalized Lorenz-Mie theory for a sphere with an eccentrically located spherical inclusion and optical chaos

E. G. Grosche, N. Pape, H.Müller, V. Srtunck and D. Dopheide

Range and accuracy of a laser-doppler Anemometer for in-flight measurements

A. Guenther and Ph. Rudolf von Rohr

Visualization of Large Scale Structures in a Turbulent Flow over Waves

K.M. Bernhard Gustafsson

LDA - Measurements of Jets in Crossflow for Effusion-cooling applications

P.C.M. Galloway, Y. Hardalupas, I. Prassas and D. Farnborough

Ultrasound Measurement by laser doppler Anemometry

Y. Hardalupas and S. Horender

Phase Doppler Anemometer for Instantaneous measurements of droplet concentration

Marc Havermann

Laser Induced Iodine Fluorescence Applied to Confined Supersonic Mixing

Nobutaka Hayashi, Ichiro Ariga, Masaharu Koyama

Study of Flow Pattern in Vaneless Diffuser of Centrifugal Compressor using PIV

P.M. Anacleto and M.V. Heitor

A Laser Doppler Analysis of the Impact of Flow Boundary Conditions on the Performance of a Model Lean-Premix Combustor

S.F.Herrmann, M.Geiger, K.H.Hinsch, J.Peinke

Light-in-Flight holography with switched reference beams for cross-correlation in deep volume PIV

M. Hino and Y. Sato

Laser Sheet CT-scan 2-D Instantaneus Concentration Meter with Application of Wavelet Transform Technique

Shuichiro Hirai, Hiroshi Kawakami, Luz Tamreen, Teruyuki ITOH and Ken Okazaki

Measurement of H2O and CO2 concentration by Laser Induced Plasma Fluorescence

T. Kobayashi, T. Kawaguci, M. Maeda

Measurement of Spray Flow by an Improved Interferometric Laser Imaging Droplet Sizing (ILIDS) System

A. Fujiwara, A. Tokuhiro, K. Hishida

Application of PIV/LIF and shadow-image to a bubble rising in a linear shear flow field

Y. Kamiya, Y. Niwa, T. Kawaguchi and M. Maeda

Bubble Sizing by Interferometric Laser Imaging

N. Tani, M. Mori, K. Hishida and M. Maeda

Development of Fiber-Bundle-Image-Guided PIV

T. Nishimura, S. Inaba, K. Hishida, M.Maeda

Measurements of flow around of inclined jets by Stereoscopic PIV

Hu Hui, Tetsuo Saga, Toshio Kobayashi, Nobuyuki Taniguchi and Shigeki Segawa

Stereoscopic PIV Measurement on the Lobed Jet Mixing Flows

Rong F. Huang and Jeng P. Wind

LDV Measurements on Flow Structures of Gaseous Jet Flames in Cross Wind

Claus H. Ibsen, Bjørn H. Hjertager, Tron Solberg and Filip Johnsson

Laser and Phase Doppler Anemometry Measurements in a Circulating Fluidized Bed Using Metal Particles

Hult, Aldén, Kaminski, Josefsson

Flame front tracking and simultaneous flow field visualisation in turbulent combustion

Yuji Ikeda

Spark plug-in Fiber LDV for turbulent intensity measurement

V. Palero, Y. Ikeda, T. Nakajima and J. Shakal

Comparision of PIV and SPIV in application to industrial spray burner

Y.Ikeda, D-H. Chung G-M. Choi, K. Fukuzato and T. Nakajima

Sensor Developed of CO2 gas temperature and concentration using 2 DFB semiconductor laser

N. Yamada, Y. Ikeda and T. Nakajima

Multi-Intensity-Layer PIV application to a practical burner

I. M. Yousse, T. Ishima, T. Shimokawara and T. Obokata

Turbulence Characteristics in Particle Laden Water Jet Injected into Water Tank by Means of PDA and PIV

Göran Josefsson, Håkan Jonsson

Length scale measurements in an engine using PIV and comparison with LDV

Osmo Kaleva, Heimo Ihalainem and Pentti Saarenrinne

A wavelet based method for the estimation of the power spectrum from irregular sampled data

Jan G. Eriksson and Rolf I. Karlsson

Near-Wall Turbulence Structure in the Plane Turbulent Wall Jet

J. T. Kashdan, J. S. Shrimpton, A. Whybrew and H. Booth

Assassment of Particle characterization via Phase Doppler Anemometry and Automated Particle Image Analysis Techniques

P. Li, Y Kawaguchi, T. Segawa, A. Yabe

Turbulent Structure in a Drag-Reducing Channel Flow with Surfactant Additives Investigated by PIV system

Nobuyuki Kawahara, Eiji Tomita, and Hiroshi Kamakura

Transient Temperature Measurement of Unburned Gas Using Optic Heterodyne Interferometry

Kawahashi, M. and Hirahara, H.

Density Field Measurement by Digital Laser Speckle Photography

H Kawazoe and J H Whitelaw

Computer tomography of infra-red absorption and its application to internal-combustion engines

C. Klein, R. H. Engler, Sergey D. Fonov, Ole Trinks

Application of Pressure Sensitive Paint (PSP) for Determination of the Pressure Field of Models in a Windtunnel

D. Robart, S. Breuer, W. Reckers, R. Kneer

Assessment of pulsed gasoline fuel sprays by means of quantitative and qualitative laser-based diagnostic methods

R. Knikker, D. Veynante and J.C.Rolon

Planar laser induced fluorescence in a turbulent premixed flame to analyse large eddy simulation models

A.J.Faber and R.Koch

High temperature in-situ IR laser absorption CO-sensor for combustion control

R. Konrath, W. Schroder

Stereoscopic Particle-Image Velocimetry (PIV): A new approach using telecentry lenses

S. Kucukgokoglan, M Menacer, A Aroussi, S.J. Pickering

PIV measuring of swirling flows from two co-rotating coal burners

David D. Kuhl, Roger L. Simpson

Near-Wall Investigation of Embedded Streamwise Vortex Pairs

Van Der Laan, F.T. and Ferreira, V.C.

High Velocity Measurement in Fluids using two intraframe image processing techniques and "PIV" field visualization

B.Leroux, O.Delabroy and F. Lacas

PDPA measurements in coaxial air-assisted atomizers

Asghar Nasr, Joseph C.S. Lai

The effects of wall inclination on an inclined offset jet

Wing T. Lai, Sue Alfini and Jeff Su

Development of an Optical Patternator for the Quantitative Characterization of Liquid Sprays

N. Lang

Investigation of the Supersonic Flow Field around a delta wing using Particle-Image-Velocimetry

P. Lange, G. van der Graaf, M. Gade, W. Alpers

Rain induced turbulence in the upper layer of a liquid body using PIV methods

Laurent DAVID, Damien CALLUAUD, Vincent GACHOT

Study by visualization and PIV of the laminar flow

Nicholas J. Lawson and Malcolm R. Davidson

An Investigation of a Low Strouhal Number Oscillatory Jet Submerged in a Thin Rectangular Cavity

Larry Berkner and Amir Naqwi

Local Acquisition of Mean and Turbulent Fluid Acceleration in Highly Turbulent Flow by the Means of Laser-Doppler Velocimetry

Alix Lemaire, Juan Carlos Rolon, Francois Lacas

Experimental study of a flame-vortex interaction in a two-phase flow

Lengricht, J.; Graw, K.-U.; Kronewetter, H.

Stereoscopic PIV adapted to gravity wave analysis

B. Golovanevsky, Y. Levy

Fluid Image Velocimetry of the Flow in the Recirculation Zone of a Bluff Body Stabilized and Controlled Burner

Hui Li, M. Takei

Application of Wavelets to Particle Image Velocimetry Technique

Hui Li

Multiresolution Image Analysis on a Turbolent Jet using Wavelents

Jun Li, Dongyin Wu and Hongzhi Sheng

The Droplet Micro-Explosion of Methanol and water in Oil Emulsion Sprays by Laser Holocamera

Liu Yingzheng

LDA: An experimental whole field measurement of confined swirling flow with vortex breakdown

Liu Yingzheng

An experimental investigation on rotating flow in a closed container via PIV

Luiz M. Lourenco and A. 'yulu' Krothapalli

True Resolution PIV:A Mesh-Free Second Order Accurate Alogirithm

Joachim von Lukowicz, Jürgen, Köngeter

Time-Resolved PIV Measurements: Secondary Currents in Compound Open Channels

Akhras, El Hajem, Morel, Champagne


R.Maia, F.T.Pinho, M.F.Proença, N.Pereira Costa

Asymmetric Diverging Flow on a 90º Tee Junction

R. Maia, F.T. Pinho, M.F. Proença, and A. Schulte

Energy Losses on a 90 degree Tee Junction

Mailiang Li, Yongxue Zhao and Jin Zhou

Research of Application of Coherent Anti-stokes Raman Spectroscopy on Combustion in Rocket Engine

Antonio Cenedese and Giuseppe Mancini


E.Berton, D.Favier, C.Maresca

Application of Laser Doppler Velocimetry to Unsteady Flow Around rotating blades

R. Calabria and P. Massoli

Experimental Study of Droplets in Evaporating Regime by 2D MIE Scattering Analysis

Takayuki Matsunuma, and Yasukata Tsutsui

LDV Measurements of Wake-Induced Unsteady Flow within a Turbine Rotor Cascade

Knud Erik Meyer, Oktay Özcan, Poul S. Larsen, Palle Gjelstrup, Carsten Westergaard

Point and planar LIF for velocity-concentration correlations in a jet in cross flow

T.R. Meyer, J.C. Dutton, and R.P. Lucht

Quantitative Imaging of Large-Scale Structures and Molecular Mixing in Gaseous Free Shear Flows

J. Meyers and J.W. Lee

Identification and Minimization of Errors in Doppler Global Velocimetry Measurements

G. Losfeld, F. Micheli, M. Pérotto, D. Soulevant

Simultaneous measurement of gas and particles velocities at Mach 5

C. Lempereur, P. Barricau, JM Mathé, A. Mignosi, H. Buchet

Doppler Global Velocimetry: Comparison with LDA measurement on a delta wing

N. Larass, A. Boukhalfa, M.Trinité, D.Honoré and P.F. Miquel

Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) in Partially Premixed Laminar Flames: Development of a new Post Processing Algorithm

D. Modarress, et al.


T.J. Möller. A. Wiedemann, K.A. Bütefisch

Application of 3D Laser Doppler Anemometry for flow measurements close to the surface of a high lift airfoil configuration

A. Cenedese and M. Moroni


J-M. Most, P.Trouillet, P.Mandin, F.Marchand, Cedric Le-Masson, P.Witwicki, D. Rampelberg

Development of a LDV probe for velocity measurements in a 600 MW pulverized coal power plant

Naboru Kurihara, Harald Müller, Rainer Kramer, Gesine Grosche, Dietrich Dopheide

A new optical technique for the generation of LDA-quadrature signals

D. Han, L. K. Su, M. G. Mungal, and R. K. Menon

Study of a Lifted-Jet Flame using a Stereoscopic PIV System

Noboru Nakatani

Laser Photothermal Velocimeter with the Differential Interferometer Using Orthogonally Polarized Light Source of Modulated LD

Chris Fandrey, Steve Isvik, Amir Naqwi, and Joseph Shakal

Dual-Beam Rainbow Refractometry and its Application to the Temperature Measurement of Liquid Drops

Amir Naqwi

Distortion Compensation for PIV Systems

M. De Lucia, G. Ferrara, C.Nardini and M. Giachi

PIV Velocity measurements in centrifugal compressor intake model

Holger Nobach

A Global Concept of Autocorrelation and Power Spectral Density Estimation from LDA Data Sets

P.A. Rodriguez, J. Nogueira and A. Lecuona

Research on Local Field Correlation

A. Lecuona, J. Nogueira and P.A. Rodriguez

Characterization of PIV errors related with the truncation of particles by the interrogation window

Kazuo Ohmi, Hang-Yu Li

Dynamic Threshold Binarization for Particle Tracking Velocimetry

Tsukasa Makino, Takuya Kaise, Naoto Ohmura, Kunio Kataoka

Laser-Optical Observation of Chaotic Mixing Structure in a Stirred Vessel


Visualization study on chemical reacting flow using LIF

Fabrice Onofri

Superimposed monochromatic probe volumes to extend the Phase Doppler Anemometry size range

Fabrice Onofri

Numerical and experimental investigations of Phage Doppler Anemometry sensitivity to the sizing of irregular particles

K.B. Yuceil, M.V. Otugen and E. Arik

Underexpanded Sonic Jets:A PIV Study

B. Ovryn, A. Caprihan, S.A. Altobelli, J.D. Seymour and Fukushima

A robust magnetic resonance imager for measurements of fluid physics phenomena

G. Pailhas, X de Saint Victor, Y. Touvet

Behaviour of Trailing Vortices in the Vicinity of the Ground

N. Pedersen and C.B. Jacobsen

PIV investigation of the internal flow structure in a centrifugal pump impeller

Francisco Pereira, Morteza Gharib, Dana Dabiri, Darius Modarress


W.D. Peters and J.E.S. Venart

Rough-Surface gravity Current Flows

A. S. Pereira and F.T. Pinho

The Effect of the Expansion Ratio on a Turbulent Non Newtonian Recirculating Flow

S. Nogueira, I. Dias, A.M.F.R. Pinto, M.L.Riethmuller

Liquid PIV measurements around a single gas slug rising through stagnant liquid in vertical pipes

E. Porcheron, P. Brun, P. Cornet, C. Prevost, J. Vendel

IDV and PIV Measurements in a Steam Jet in the Pressurized Tosqan Enclosure Applied to Hydrogen Risk for Nuclear Safety



Oliver Pust

PIV: Direct Cross-Correlation compared with FFT-based Cross-Correlation

Liu Qingho, Li Yan, Yan Dezhong, Johg Han Lim

The experimental study of gas-solid two-phase flow in upper part of the tangentially fired boiler with 3D particle dynamic analyzer

Alecsandra Rambert, Afif Elcafsi, Pierre Gougat

Optical flow velocimetry inside an entrained cavity

J. Raposo, W. Hentschel, W. Merzkirch

Use of Wavelet Analysis to the PIV Algorithm

J. Raposo and Werner Hentschel

Analysis of the Dynamical Behavior of Coherent Structures in Flows of Internal Combustion Engines

Reeves, M., Towers,D.P., Tavender, B.,and Buckberry, C.H.

A Technique for Routine Cycle-Resolved 2-D Flow Measurement and Visualisation within SI Engine Cylinders in an Engine Development Environment

H. Rehab, L. Djenidi and R.A. Antonia

Evolution of the pdf of a high Schmidt number passive scalar in a plane wake

C. Resagk, J. Grabow, U. Schellenberger

Optical Characterisation of Surface and Interface Waves in Liqued Metal-Water Layers using PIV and Laser Vibrometer Techniques

M.Fisher, J.Heinze, K.Malthias, I. Rohle

Doppler Global Velocimetry in flames using a new developed, frequency stabilized, tunable, long pulse YAG-laser

Ilia V. Roisman, and Cam Tropea

Drops Distributions and Flux Measurements in Sprays Using PDA Techniques

L.Brenez, J-P. Martin, A.Soufiani, and J.C. Rolon

LIF and FTIR Measurements of Temperature and Species Concentrations for Partially-Premixed Methane/Air Combustion in a Domestic idealized Boiler

Mauti, Faber, Romano

The effect of a cylinder on the velocity field at the outlet of a circular jet measured by PIV and PTV

G. Rottenkolber, R. Meier, O. Schaefer, S. Wachter, K. Dullenkopf, S. Wittig

Combined PDA and LDV measurements: Phase discrimination inside a spray using fluorescent seeding particles

U. Ruiz-Rivas, A. Lecuona, P. Rodriguez and J. Nogueira

PIV measurements in co-flowing jets subjected to axial forcing vorticity and strain field structure

Tetsuo Saga, Hui Hu, Toshio Kobayashi, Masashi Yasuki and Taizo Higashiyama

A Comparative Study of Stereoscopic PIV and LDV Measurements on a Lobed Jet Mixing Flow

H. Saitoh, S.Tsushima, M. Negoro, F. Akamatsu and Katsuki

Observation of flame Propagation in a Premixed-Spray Stagnation Flow

S. Tsujita, M. Hamada, T. Sakai, A. Whitfield

Flow measurement around a fan volute tongue using particle tracking velocimetry

Sascha Kruger, Gerd Grunefeld

Planar velocity Measurements of the Gas Phase in Dense Sprays by Flow Tagging

F. Scarano and M.L.Riethmuller

Temporal Analysis of coherent structures in a turbulent BFS flow with PIV

Schaefer, O., Koch, R., Wittig, S.

Measurement of the periodic flow of an enclosed lean premixed prevaporized stagnation flame

R. Schodl, W. Förster, G. Karpinsky, J. Röhle

3-Component-Doppler-Laser-Two-Focus Velocimetry Applied to a Transonic Centrifugal Compressor

S.Schraml, C.Heimgärtner, C.Fettes and Leipertz

Investigation of in-cylinder soot formation and oxidation by means of two-dimensional laser-induced incandescende (LII)

S. Loose, T. Dewhirst, M. Raffel

Pattern image densitometry (PID) and particle image velocimetry (PIV) for transonic turbine blade investigations

H. Richard, M.Rein, G.E.A. Meier, J. Kompenhams, M. Raffel

Demonstration of applicability of pattern image densitometry (PID)

Christian J. Kähler & Michael Stanislas

Investigation of wall bounded flows by means of multiple plane stereo PIV

Andreas Schröder, and Jürgen Kompenhans

Investigation of structures of the late non-linear boundary layer transition using Stereo PIV

Coudert S., Westerweel J., Fournel T.

Comparison between asymmetric and symmetric stereoscopic DPIV system

Takehiko Segawa, Peiwen Li, Yasuo Kaawguchi, and Hiro Yoshida

Visualization of Wall Turbulence Under Artificial Disturbance by Piezo Actuator Array

F.Seiler, A. George

The Laser-Doppler-Velocimeter used in the ISL shock tunnel for nozzle flow velocity diagnostics

F. Esposito, E. Nino and C. Serio

High signal-to-noise ratio LDV measurements of pipe flow at low-moderate Reynolds number

Serres I., Chauveau C., SARH B. and GÖKALP I.

Characterisation of confinement and impingement effects on the near field of axisymmetric jets using LDA and PIV

Chris Fandrey, Amir Naqwi, Joseph Shakal and Hai Zhang

A Phase Doppler System for High Concentration Sprays

J.S.Shrimpton, K.L. Choy and M.Wei

Characterization of evaporating electrosprays and planar deposition

D. Bröder; M. Sommerfeld

An imaging PIV/PTV system for analyzing turbulent bubbly flows

Sonnenberger, Angele, Kauffmann

A Direct Peak-Detection Algorithm for DPIV

J.M.M. Sousa and J,C.F. Pereira

LDA/PDA Measurements of Particulate Flow through a Pipe Trifurcator

Jean Stefanini

Velocities measurements for Pressurized Water Reactor Research Using PIV-CFD

Adel Stitou and M.L. Riethmuller

Extension of PIV to Super Resolution using PTV

R. Stocker, J. Karl, D. Hein

Fluorescence spectroscopic measurements in CH4-airFluorescence and H2-O2 atmospheric pressure flames in the excitation range of 40.000 cm-1 to 40.600 cm-1 and 37.450 cm-1 to 38.600 cm-1

S. Becker, C.Stoots, H.Lienhart, F.Durst, D. McEligot

LDA- Measurements of Traditional Flows in a Large Refractive Index Matched Flow Facility

D. Fetter, P. Sullivan

PIV/PTV Measurements within a water analog engine

{Atle Jensen, Morten Huseby, J. Kristian Sveen and John Grue

Measurements of velocities and accelerations in steep irregular water waves

Sylvain POGGI, Bruno GAZENGEL, Anne-Marie BRUNEAU and Philippe ROUQUIER

Development of a LDV bench for measuring acoustic particle velocities in enclosed or free fields

Ryuji Takaki, Kenji Hatada

Two unusual applications of laser thecnique

MAV Costa, SFCF Teixeira, JCF Teixeira

Flow Measurements in a Simulated Estuary Bed

James D. Trolinger, William Witherow and Jan Rogers

SHIVA: A Spaceflight Holography Investigation in a Virtual Apparatus

Araneo, Damaschke, Tropea

Measurement and Prediction of the Gaussian beam effect in the Phase Doppler Technique

Shohji TSUSHIMA, Masaaki NEGORO, Hiroyasu SAITOH, Manabu FUCHIHATA, Fumiteru AKAMATSU and Masashi Katsuki

Measurements of instantaneous 2-D velocity field and local chemiluminescence in a premixed-spray flame by PIV and MICRO system

M.J. Tummers and D.M. Passchier

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