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HOST at the International Lisbon Auto Show 2006

HOST at the Exhibition of Knowldge and Innovation


The Human Oriented Sustainable Transport


HOST is a vehicle designed to work 24 hours per day in urban areas, based on the concepts of flexibility and modularity. Both concepts reflect the human activity in an urban area imposing upon the vehicle's design an exchangeable typology that make it suitable to perform several different missions.

The possibility to easily vary the platform main dimension enables HOST to be equipped with very different bodyworks, thus providing new services for mobility and goods transportation in towns, organising in a sustainable and more rational way the urban motorised traffic.

Propulsion is supplied at the wheels by four independent electrical motors placed inside each wheel, allowing it to be a truly All Wheel Drive vehicle. These electrical motors receive their energy from Batteries and Supercapacitors, in the usual hybrid layout. In order to create a truly 24h usable vehicle, an energy source inside the vehicle is required, in a hybrid-electric architecture with a series configuration.

The resulting easy traction and possibility of horizontal rotation give the vehicle new features to accomplish with missions requiring difficult access of persons and goods and/or to narrow streets in urban areas.