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The Human Oriented Sustainable Transport

  The Oeiras Municipality

Working in close collaboration with the CMO (Oeiras Municipality), the IST Team selected several driving missions currently performed by the CMO on a daily basis. The urban bounded and repetitive nature of these cycles pin points them as the choice that better highlights the main advantages of the series hybrid configuration.

Cycles were taken during the following missions:
  • Algés quase de Lés a Lés - Is a free of charge transport of passengers oriented for the special needs of elder people, which operates under the coordination of the DMV section of the Municipality. It is considered the epitome of a service where an hybrid vehicle provides a huge leap forward in efficiency and therefore fuel consumption reduction. Performed in a dense urban area, displaying speeds always under 40km/h and with a numerous amount of start-stop situations, the series hybrid can, according to initial calculations reduce fuel consumption up to 50%.

  • Serviço de Recolha de Resíduos Sólidos Urbanos - Is a selective garbage collection service which operates under the management of the DSU section. It resembles, in many day-to-day driving situations, the Algés de Lés a Lés service also including inumerous stop and go situations and a mostly urban driving cycle. The large weights to be transported, which usually force the adoption of heavy and bulky diesel engines, also help to make the transformation to a carefully designed hybrid solution, even more worthy.

  • Serviço de Transporte Adaptado - Is a special transport provided by the DAS section of CMO for handicapped people. It includes some extra-urban driving situations, including short on-highway situations. Nevertheless, it is performed mainly at rush hours, either in the morning (7-10) or in the afternoon (16-19), and featuring a wide range of auxiliary systems (including an elevatory platform) which could be best operated under an "electrical power only" regime, this mission could also profit from a mild (or even strong) hybridization.