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The Human Oriented Sustainable Transport

  Chassis & Body

As a starting point four services were selected as they currently operate in the three cities. Two address passenger mobility and two address freight mobility: a nocturne collective taxi, a daytime car sharing, a daytime freight collection and distribution and a nocturne garbage collection. The different bodies can be divided in two groups:
  • The Car-Sharing bodywork, which is unique to this configuration;
  • The Commercial configuration in which the front cabin remains in place while in back of the vehicle 3 bodywork cargo areas, corresponding to the 3 remaining functions, can be swapped: 2 of them are for cargo, one for goods transportation and the other for Urban Solid Waste, while the 3rd and remaining one is for the collective taxi being able to carry up to 9 people.

The platform is modular and houses all the components for which drive-by-wire solutions are adopted. In this way, the mechanical anchorage system allows the easy installation/removal of any cabin, giving the vehicle the best possible handling performances in several missions.