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HOST at the International Lisbon Auto Show 2006

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The Human Oriented Sustainable Transport


Research in sustainable urban mobility systems tackles future urban transportation systems with the ultimate goal of promoting development towards sustainable urban mobility. It includes topics on future car technology, the impact of driving behaviour on energy consumption, on actor-based modelling of technological change processes, on market penetration strategies for newly fuelled cars. The highly interconnection between all those factors is accounted in the methodology of approach. In this context an innovative concept of vehicle architecture for the transport of persons and goods in urban environment is proposed, which subverts the vehicle design process and, instead of designing the vehicle based on the available technology, it starts from the real user needs. The vehicle is then considered a Human Oriented Sustainable Transport and is named HOST.

HOST is a STREP project co-founded by the European Commission, involving Universities and Research Centres, Industries and three European Cities:

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