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Measurement techniques

Disintegration regimes

Secondary atomization within the various boiling regimes

Boiling morphology at liquid-solid interface

Heat transfer and droplet dynamics on surface enhanced surfaces


Dynamics of impacting droplets

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The present work is focused on the study of the thermal, physic and chemical processes involved in droplet interactions with heated surfaces, providing the basic knowledge which is required to model spray and droplet wall interaction. Particular emphasis is given to describe the effect of the nature of the surface, characterized by the topography and wettability. Specific objectives of the study are:
  • identify the disintegration regimes occurring at given impact conditions;

  • study the thermal and physical processes triggering the disintegration mechanisms of the droplets impacting onto the heated surfaces, with the various boiling regimes;

  • quantify the characteristics of the secondary atomization occurring at impact, namely the size, velocity and direction of the secondary droplets.