The conference program consists of a mix of four plenary lectures followed by three parallel sessions and poster presentations, together with an exhibition of equipment. Three plenary sessions are featured by distinguished keynote speakers and one is featured by the exhibitors to provide ample opportunity for attendees to be acquainted with the latest laser based techniques developed for fluid flow research. Each plenary session is followed by flash oral presentations of the posters which are exhibited at the Conference hall.

Two dinners are organized for scientist to join together in a friendly and typical environment. Details about the plenary sessions and the social events are provided at this web page.

The Symposium Secretariat will open on the 04th July at 14:00. Registrants may pick up badges at the registration area on the 04th July from 14:00 to 17:00.


Monday July 5th

K1: Plenary Session I

Multi-parameter laser diagnostics in turbulent combustion applications
Andreas Dreizler

    SESSION 1.1: Combustion diagnostics I

    SESSION 1.2: Micro fluid mechanics I

    SESSION 1.3: PIV systems I

    SESSION 1.4: Combustion diagnostics II

    SESSION 1.5: Micro fluid mechanics II

    SESSION 1.6: PIV systems II

    SESSION 1.7: Combustion

    SESSION 1.8: Doppler/global velocimetry I

    SESSION 1.9: PIV systems III

    SESSION 1.10: Mixing

    SESSION 1.11: Doppler/global velocimetry II

    SESSION 1.12: PIV image processing

    Tuesday July 6th

    K2: Plenary Session II

    Time-Resolved PIV studies of drop coalescence in liquids
    Ellen Longmire

      SESSION 2.1: Non-isothermal systems I

      SESSION 2.2: Sprays

      SESSION 2.3: Holographic techniques

      SESSION 2.4: Non-isothermal systems II

      SESSION 2.5: Fuel injection sprays

      SESSION 2.6: Acoustic fluid structure

      SESSION 2.7: Aerodynamic flows I

      SESSION 2.8: Engine flows I

      SESSION 2.9: Two-phase flows I

      SESSION 2.10: Aerodynamic flows II

      SESSION 2.11: Engine flows II

      SESSION 2.12: Two-phase flows II

      Wednesday July 7th

      K3: Plenary Session III

      Measurement Advances and Challenges in High Reynolds Number Wall Turbulence
      Ivan Marusic

        SESSION 3.1: PIV/PTV data analysis I

        SESSION 3.2: Jet flows I

        SESSION 3.3: Vortical flows I

        SESSION 3.4: PIV/PTV data analysis II

        SESSION 3.5: Jet flows II

        SESSION 3.6: Vortical flows II

        SESSION 3.7: Volumetric/tomographic PIV I

        SESSION 3.8: Separated flows

        SESSION 3.9: Novel measurement techniques I

        SESSION 3.10: Volumetric/tomographic PIV II

        SESSION 3.11: Boundary layer and wall flow channel

        SESSION 3.12: Novel measurement techniques II

        Thursday July 8th

        SESSION 4.1: Wakes

        SESSION 4.2: Biological flows I

        SESSION 4.3: Optical particle characterization I

        SESSION 4.4: Turbulence measurements

        SESSION 4.5: Biological flows II

        SESSION 4.6: Optical particle characterization II