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Laboratory of Thermofluids, Combustion
       and Energy Systems

Research at the Laboratory of Thermofluids, Combustion and Energy Systems Design is aimed at improving knowledge in advanced fields of strategic technologies with emphasis on principles of transport phenomena. The final goal is to bring together multidisciplinary knowledge to develop new procedures and technologies, as well as to carry out research to gain the fundamental knowledge needed to solve new problems.

The activities are organized on the basis of projects which provide the necessary external funding, namely from national and international funding agencies and/or private companies from which research areas emerge. Fundamental research builds the scientific knowledge necessary to give function a sustainable and human-oriented form, thus harmonizing technology with the environment, at the same time that application studies chase the functionality of advanced technologies and their results (products and services) from a user perspective.

Fundamental Research

The core goal of fundamental research is the innovation of new engineering concepts and is addressed as a driving force for new technologies. It covers interdisciplinary scientific fields, such as Thermal-fluid-dynamics, Combustion and Advanced Techniques for Flow Measurements, Control Engineering, Materials Engineering, Transport and Thermophysical Properties of Materials, Electronics and Microsystems.

Integration and Design of Functional Systems

Application studies are conducted which benefit from most recent advances in engineering fields to integrate them in advanced functional systems. This is brought in close collaboration with the IST Design Studio with the objective to create new engineering values and human oriented design technologies by optimizing and integrating design within the broader environment of society and nature.